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Meet Kathryn (Kate) Vega

Meet Kathryn (Kate) Vega

Green Team New York Realty would like you to meet Kathryn (Kate) Vega. Before entering the world of real estate, Kate Vega earned an Associates Degree in Business. She was a corporate Administrative/Executive Administrative Assistant for 12 years, working with many professionals of all levels, Kate was (and is) detail oriented with a focus on financials, analytics and accounting. 

Kate Vega finds her passion for real estate

Her interest in real estate began when she helped her husband, John, sell his condo (off the market). She then assisted in the purchasing of their first home. After that she was hands on in selling that first home  And purchasing their current home in Warwick. Kate’s ability to identify and highlight pros and cons of various homes had her becoming a resource for several friends working through their first home purchases.

Interest may actually be too mild a word to describe Kate’s feelings about real estate. In her own words, “I felt that buying, selling and remodeling my homes were the most emotional and exciting times of my life (besides marriage and having babies).” She even admits that she was distracted during her honeymoon with the construction of their first house. And then, while in the hospital having her second child, she requested photos of work being done on the house!

Kate feels that home ownership is a huge component of most people’s portfolios. In addition, it’s vital for the health of a community. She has always been interested in finances, and real estate is one of the largest and most crucial aspects of the economy. Furthermore, she’s conscious of the ups and downs that come with the biggest transactions of most people’s lives. And Kate knows she’ll be able to offer the support her clients need during the process and be sensitive to their needs.

It’s all about family

Kate and John have three children: Johnny, Tommy and Lexie. The family attends Warwick Reformed Church. The children attend Warwick schools. And they’re involved in sports: football, baseball, basketball, wrestling and soccer! John is on the football board, and Kate is the PTA Treasurer for Sanfordville Elementary School. 


Green Team 2019 Awards Ceremony Looks Back at Momentous Year

Green Team 2019 Awards Ceremony Looks Back at Momentous Year

Agents and staff of Green Team Realty gathered together on January 17 for their 2019 Award Ceremony. Warwick Valley Country Club was the perfect place to celebrate a year that was momentous in many ways.

2019 – A Year to Remember

Geoff Green speaks at Green Team 2019 Awards Ceremony

According to Geoff Green, President of Green Team Realty, the “Green Team 2019 Awards Ceremony is all about appreciation for our Sales Associates. They are the ones out there in the field doing the hard work of listing and selling homes. This is a tough business that puts many demands on their time and resources. The Green Team Award Ceremony is a way to say thank you, highlight their achievements, and get them ready for another busy year.”

Geoff welcomed everyone and outlined some of the year’s milestones. Once again, through dedication, hard work, support, creative marketing, and consistent training programs, many Green Team Sales Associates saw their businesses grow.

Green Team #1 In Warwick and Vernon for Sales Volume and Units Sold

It was with great pride that Geoff announced Green Team was #1 in Warwick and Vernon. Green Team New York Realty (“GTNYR”)  was #1 in Warwick for sales volume and units sold. Furthermore, Green Team New Jersey Realty (“GTNJR”) was #1 in Vernon for sales volume and units sold for the second year. Both did well in their respective counties, too. GTNYR was #8 out of 385 real estate offices in Orange County. And they were #9 out of 385 in terms of units sold.  GTNJR was #8 out of 388 in terms of sales volume in Sussex County. And it was #6 out of 388 in terms of units sold.

Award Presentations

Laura Green presented the awards at Green Team Realty's 2019 Awards Ceremony

Geoff believes in acknowledging and rewarding both growth and achievement.  And what makes the award presentations so special is the support and pride that the whole Green Team family shows to the recipients. This year Green Team Realty had a special presenter. Geoff’s wife, Laura, announced the winners in each category. She was aided by Donna Roberts, Green Team’s Agent Service Manager for the Vernon office, and event planner extraordinaire.

MVP Award

Jennifer DiCostanzo with MVP Award, with Geoff Green

Jennifer DiCostanzo received the MVP Award for over $12 Million in sales for 2019.   Jen, the first and only recipient of this award, also achieved the MVP in 2017 for over $10 Million in sales. Geoff Green had this to say about Jennifer: “While everyone can stand back and marvel at Jennifer’s accomplishments, what truly is the reason for her success is her work ethic. No one takes their business more seriously than Jennifer. She is a true professional in every sense of the word, and she works hard for everything she receives. There is no doubt that Jennifer will be at the top of Orange County, NY Real Estate Sales Associate production charts for many years to come.”

Yearly Sales Leaders

Green Team Realty Sales Leaders for 2019

GTNJR’s team of Charles Nagy and Ted Van Laar received the Yearly Sales Leader Award for the second year in a row


And Jennifer DiCostanzo received GTNYR’S Yearly Sales Leader award for the fourth year in a row.


President’s Club

Green Team Realty President's Club Members 2019


In 2018 a new level of achievement was introduced. The President’s Club Award is given to those sales associates achieving between $5 and $10 Million in Sales Volume. For 2019, recipients of the award were, from left to right: Charles Nagy, Keren Gonen, and Ted Van Laar of Green Team New Jersey Realty. And Vikki Garby, Nancy Sardo, and Dean Diltz of Green Team New York Realty.

Captain’s Club

Green Team Realty Captain's Club Members 2019


This established award is given to those who do $3 to $5 Million in Sales Volume. From left to right, recipients are Kristi Anderson, Heidi Hyland, Alison Miller, and Barbara Tesa of Green Team New Jersey Realty. And from Green Team New York Realty we have Tammy Scotto, Lucyann Tinnirello, Kristine Many, Angela Murphy, Carol Buchanan, and Toni Vogel. Not pictured is Chris Kimiecik.


Honorable Mention

Green Team Realty Honorable Mention Award for 2019

This category was created in 2018 to acknowledge those Sales Associates who had $1.5 to $3 Million in Sales Volume.  Recipients of this award, from left to right are Ann Nussberger and Cathie Witte of Green Team New Jersey Realty. Not pictured: Kimberly Lasalandra.  From Green Team New York Realty are Pip Klein, June Cosgrove-Hays, Walter Ross, Tiffany Megna, Tom Folino, and Jacque Kraszewski. Denise Schmidt was given the award posthumously, with the certificate accepted by her daughter, Dana. Not pictured: Guillermina “GIdget” Tavares, Kim Lesley, and Linda VandeWeert.

The Momentum Builder Award

Denise Schmidt, Green Team New York Realty Green Team Realty Award Ceremony 2019    Dana receiving posthumous award for her mother, Denise Schmidt   Dana received a standing ovation after accepting award posthumously for her mother, Denise Schmidt


Every year Geoff Green selects a sales associate who has demonstrated hard work and determination while overcoming obstacles.  Someone who has come through a tough spot in life and turned challenges into great success; not just in real estate but in life.  A person who shows no signs of going backward. Because it’s all about building momentum towards a brighter future. This year’s Momentum Builder was Denise Schmidt, and there was not a dry eye in the house when Denise’s daughter, Dana came up to receive the award on her mother’s behalf.

Denise passed away suddenly in 2019, leaving family, friends, and co-workers in shock. She was much loved and is missed by all. Dana spoke movingly about Denise and her legacy. As a loving, hardworking single mom, Denise did whatever it took to provide for her family. In addition to being a sales associate with Green Team New York Realty, she was also a bus driver for the Warwick Valley Central School District.

The People’s Choice Awards

The winners of these awards are selected by their peers.

Citizen Of The Year

Green Team Realty 2019 Awards Ceremony

Recipients of this award are nominated by their co-workers. Both have made outstanding contributions to our local communities. This is the fourth year in a row that Jen DiCostanzo has been named Citizen of the Year by Green Team New York Realty. Jen originated Light Up the Holidays for Green Team to raise funds for local charities. The program evolved into Team Up for Hope, an initiative to raise funds and awareness of local organizations working in the fields of mental health, substance abuse prevention, and suicide prevention.

Keren Gonen has been named Citizen of the Year by her peers at Green Team New Jersey Realty for the third year. Keren has been instrumental in raising funds for local charities. She is also extremely active in Team Up for Hope.

These women truly believe in giving back to the community and put in the time, effort, and commitment to make things happen.

Team Player Award

Green Team Realty 2019 Team Player Award Recipients

Recipients of this award are deemed the most reliable, positive and dependable. Furthermore, they work well with others and have great problem-solving skills. It is no coincidence that the award went to the Agent Service Managers of each office. Andrea Wynn was voted Team Player by her peers in the Warwick office. And Donna Roberts was voted Team Player by her co-workers in Vernon.

In addition to her position as ASM of the Vernon, NJ office, Donna is a talented Event Planner and Coordinator. Her skill was evident in the many details of the Award Ceremony on display.

A Special Thank You To Our Sponsors

2019 Green Team Realty Awards Ceremony  Amy Green of Guaranteed Rate Sponsors of Green Team Realty 2019 Awards Ceremony

The event’s sponsors helped transform the Awards Ceremony into an awards Celebration!

Amy Green, VP of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate, was a Diamond Sponsor. Geoff Green watched with pride as his sister, Amy, addressed the gathering.  Douglas R. Stage, Esq..of Stage Law Firm, LLP (formerly Stage & Nathans) was a Platinum Sponsor. And Gold Sponsors were: Joe Mayers of Septic Experts, LLC; David Willner, Pillar to Post Home InspectionsKenneth Flood, Quest Financial ServicesJamie Fiscus, Allied Title, LLC, and Frank Frasco, Home Inspection LLC.  As is usually the case when real estate professionals get together, there is “shop talk.”  The Awards Ceremony provided an opportunity for Green Team Sales Associates to discuss local market conditions and community with sponsoring companies.

There was also the opportunity to dance! DJ Freddie Z kept the crowd entertained and energized. And George Tsakanias and Klaus-Peter

However, there was something else evident in the room. There was a sense that this was a TEAM. And as members of a team, there was pride, support, friendship, and respect for each other’s accomplishments. What’s more, you could tell that plans, goals, and dreams were beginning to take shape and would see the members of the Green Team through the coming year.





Green Team New Jersey Realty’s 2019 Circle of Excellence Award Recipients

Green Team New Jersey Realty’s 2019 Circle of Excellence Award Recipients

There was a lot to celebrate at the NJ Realtors Awards luncheon on March 4, 2020. New Jersey Realtors® Circle of Excellence® Sales Award® recognizes members who have demonstrated excellence in salesmanship. And, just as in years past, several members of Green Team New Jersey Realty were recognized.

GTNJR Award Recipients

Green Team New Jersey Realty’s Circle of Excellence Award Recipients were all smiles as they accepted their awards.


Ted Van Laar,Green Team New Jersey Realty, receiving Circle of Excellence Award                                      .Charles Nagy, Green Team New Jersey Realty Circle of Excellence Award Recipient

Charles Nagy and Theodore Van Laar received Silver Awards for $6.5 million and 20 units minimum. This is not Charlie and Ted’s first time receiving Circle of Excellence Awards. Since 2014 they have been in the Circle of Excellence multiple times. And since the creation of Green Team New Jersey Realty, this is their 3rd consecutive year.


Barbara Tesa, Green Team New Jersey Realty, Circle of Excellence Awards 2019

Alison Miller,Green Team New Jersey Realty Circle of Excellence Award 2019Kristi Anderson, Green Team New Jersey Realty, Circle of Excellence AwardsKeren Gonen, Green Team New Jersey Realty Circle of Excellence Awards


Further, receiving the Bronze Award for $2.5 million and 15 units minimum, were: Barbara Tesa, Kristi Anderson, Keren Gonen, Alison Miller, and Heidi Hyland. Unfortunately, Heidi was unable to attend the awards luncheon, but her co-workers/friends made sure that she received her award.

A History of Achievement

Most of these Sales Associates from Green Team New Jersey Realty have received Circle of Excellence Awards in the past.  In addition, this group of high achievers received additional awards at Green Team Realty’s 2019 Awards Ceremony. Charles Nagy, Ted Van Laar and Karen Gonen received the President’s Club Award. That was given for achieving a sales volume of $5 to $10 Million. And the team of Charlie and Ted was awarded Yearly Sales Leader. Alison Miller, Barbara Tesa, Heidi Hyland and Kristi Anderson received the Captain’s Club Award, for $3 to $5 Million in sales volume. Ann Nussberger and Cathie Witte, also shown in the photo below, received Honorable Mention for sales of $1.5 to $3 Million. It’s not surprising that Green Team New Jersey Realty is #1 in Vernon. And this is the result of both sales volume and units sold.

Green Team Realty 2019 Awards Ceremony













Pride at the Green Team New Jersey Realty Table

Geoff Green, President of Green Team Realty, and Amy Green, Vice President of Mortgage Lending, Guaranteed Rate, celebrated with the award recipients. And the pride they took in the Circle of Excellence award recipients was obvious. This was an occasion to celebrate achievement – and friendship. A true circle of excellence.

Green Team Table at New Jersey Realtors Awards Ceremony

















Vikki Garby Featured in Top Agent Magazine

Vikki Garby Featured in Top Agent Magazine

Vikki Garby of Green Team New York Realty will be featured in Top Agent Magazine in the April 20, 2020 National and International issues. This premier real estate magazine has been presenting producing, accomplished professionals in the real estate industry for almost 20 years.  Candidate evaluations are based on production, professionalism, industry and community involvement.

Vikki’s Top Agent Profile

Vikki began her real estate career back in 2005, investing in properties with her husband. At the time she was working in the finance industry. However, after moving back to her hometown of Warwick, she made the transition to full-time real estate agent. Vikki serves residential and commercial clients in Orange County, NY. Her business is almost exclusively repeat and referral clients. Additionally, she often works with investors to purchase multiple properties. Her prior finance experience is quite useful, especially when it comes to commercial transactions. Vikki establishes credibility with her clients through honesty, transparency and straightforward communication.

Vikki’s approach to listing properties

Each property is approached individually. And each campaign is tailored accordingly. Every listing is accompanied by professional photography and immersive documentation. However, commercial and residential properties may require alternative marketing techniques. All properties have online exposure, which can result in buyers. In 2019, Vikki closed over $8.8 million in sales volume. Further, that is based on average property prices ranging from $300,000 to $500,000.

The importance of community

Vikki believes in giving back to her community. She supports and participates in the local Educational Foundation and is President of the Booster Club for her son’s crew team. Furthermore, she contributes to the local high school’s Career Development Program. There Vikki helps with the Job Shadow Program and annual Career Fair. Free time is for spending with her family.

Looking towards the future

Vikki plans on keeping the growth of her real estate business steady. And she looks forward to expanding her presence in the local commercial market. Most importantly, she wants to keep helping people achieve their real estate goals. Because, according to Vikki, “It’s not about the house or the building itself. A home is so much more than four walls and my goal is for my clients to be happy long after they close.”




Green Team Welcomes Britanni Gaucher

Green Team Welcomes Britanni Gaucher

The Green Team is proud to announce that Britanni Gaucher has decided to join our Warwick, NY team. 

As a lifelong resident, Britanni has spent her time enjoying all this area has to offer and this is where she chose to stay with her husband, 4 kids, dogs, cats and chickens and build their own little homestead. Growing up on a dairy farm, Britanni appreciates the history of this area which can be found in the beautiful pieces of property, old barns and farmhouses of the area.

Britanni is excited to share her love of real estate with her clients and lead them on their path to the perfect home.


Green Team Realty #1 in Warwick and Vernon for 2019!

Green Team Realty #1 in Warwick and Vernon for 2019!

Green Team Realty is #1 in Warwick and Vernon for 2019!

There is a lot to celebrate over at Green Team Realty. The numbers are in for 2019.  And Green Team New York Realty is #1 in sales volume and units sold versus all other real estate offices based in Warwick. Green Team New Jersey Realty is #1 in sales volume and units sold versus all other real estate offices based in Vernon. Further, this is the second year that GTNJR was #1 in Vernon.

The numbers are great county-wide, too

Green Team New York Realty did great versus all other real estate offices in Orange County:

  • We were #8 out of 385 in terms of sales volume
  • And we were #9 out of 385 in terms of units sold

Green Team New Jersey Realty had similar success compared to all other real estate offices in Sussex County:

  • We were #8 out of 388 in terms of sales volume
  • And we were #6 out of 388 in terms of units sold.

Geoff Green, President of Green Team Realty, says:

“It’s a team effort. Everyone from support staff to our highest ranking Sales Associates has a stake in this success.  No matter where you are on planet Earth you will not find a better team than the women and men who make up the Green Team. I am humbled to play my part, but the success definitely lies in the team. God willing, our climb to the top will not only sustain, but will continue to further advance.”