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Green Team Realty Third Quarter 2019 Sales Leaders

Green Team Realty Third Quarter 2019 Sales Leaders

Congratulations from Geoff Green, President of Green Team Realty, to our Third Quarter 2019 Sales Leaders

Congratulations to Jennifer DiCostanzo of Green Team New York Realty and the dynamic team of Charlie Nagy and Ted Van Laar of Green Team New Jersey Realty for taking first prize as our third quarter sales leaders. It’s no secret that Q3 is the biggest quarter of the year in our industry. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re seeing these three names at the top once again. The truth is, behind the accolades there is a lot of hard work.  All three of these individuals work tirelessly to yield the results they do. So, keep up the great work everyone!




Jennifer DiCostanzo, Warwick

For this hard working Associate Broker, success is not measured by sales numbers alone. Rather, Jen views true success by the clients she’s helped and the satisfaction she gets from doing her best at something she loves.  She is constantly striving to enhance her knowledge and skills so that she can provide her clients with an edge in this competitive market.. Jen has earned her Seller Representative Specialist (“SRS”) and Accredited Buyer’s Representation (“ABR”) Designations.  In 2016, 2017 and 2018, she received the annual Sales Leader Award as well as the Citizenship award. Further, in 2017 she  became the first recipient of the Green Team  MVP Award for over $10 Million in sales. Jen is a member of the NYS Association of Realtors, the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors, and the Warwick Chamber of Commerce. In addition, as a Warwick resident married to a NYC firefighter, she understands the needs of commuters and has helped many buyers relocate to Orange County. 

Charles Nagy and Theodore Van Laar, Vernon

In addition to this Q3 Award, the team of Charles Nagy and Theodore Van Laar earned Green Team New Jersey Realty’s 1st Quarter Sales Leader Award for 2019. That follows their 4th Quarter and Yearly Sales Leader Awards for 2018.  The Dynamic Duo, as Geoff Green affectionately calls them, are equity partners in the brokerage. And they are committed to leading by example. They are strong believers in the Green Team’s unique system of training and support which gives sales associates the tools to provide the best possible customer service and experience. Charlie and Ted come from diverse backgrounds in real estate. Yet together they form a productive, successful team.  One bond that unites them is their love of resort properties and living. They have been recipients of the Circle of Excellence Award multiple times between 2014 and 2018. That Award requires minimum sales of $2.5 Million and 15 transactions to qualify.  In addition, they were Second Quarter Sales Leaders at Green Team New Jersey Realty for both 2017 and 2018.. And in 2018 they became part of the Green Team’s President’s Club, which honors those associates with $5 to $10 Million in sales volume.

Charlie and Ted are proud of Green Team New Jersey Realty’s growth and achievements. After only two years in business, GTNJR owns their own office building and ended 2018 as the #1 firm in sales volume and transactions in all of Vernon, NJ. They also take pride in the team they are building.

Congratulations to our 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

Green Team New York Realty: Toni Vogel is our second place Q3 Sales Leader, with Nancy Sardo in third place.

Green Team New Jersey Realty: Kristi Anderson is second place Q3 Leader, with Alison Miller in third place.

Congrats to Jen DiCostanzo and Vikki Garby for reaching the cap!

Congrats to Jen DiCostanzo and Vikki Garby for reaching the cap!

Green Team New York Realty is proud to announce that Jennifer DiCostanzo and Vikki Garby have reached the 2019 cap for Company Dollar Contribution. We want to congratulate them on the hard work and dedication to excellent client service that helped them achieve this goal. 

Reaching CAP means that Jennifer & Vikki will now receive a 100% commission split on any deal they close during 2019. Yes, it’s true – a 100% commission split. At Green Team New York Realty, there are no mandatory fees! No franchise fees, no technology fees, no desk fees, & no e&o fees!!  

 Green Team Realty’s commission structure is, no doubt, one of the finest in the industry, but it doesn’t end there. Our cutting edge lead generation platform, certified sales assistant program, and dynamic training systems are just a few other things worth mentioning.  

 If you have never heard of us before, or perhaps you simply haven’t taken the opportunity to check us out, why not take a little time to do so now? Click here to learn more about Green Team New York Realty. 

Vikki Garby is Green Team New York Realty’s 2019 2nd Quarter Sales Leader

Vikki Garby is Green Team New York Realty’s 2019 2nd Quarter Sales Leader

Vikki Garby is having a great year. She was 1st Quarter Sales Leader for 2019,  And now Green Team New York Realty is very proud to announce that Vikki is 2nd Quarter Sales Leader. According to Geoff Green, President of Green Team New York,

“Vikki Garby is a smart, focused Real Estate professional. Furthermore, the analytical abilities developed during her time as an investment banker and real estate investor contribute to her success in both Residential and Commercial Real Estate. It’s exciting watching Vikki grow her Real Estate Business. Green Team New York Realty is extremely blessed to have her as part of our Agency.”

More about Vikki…

As mentioned above, Vikki was an investment banker for a major bank in New York City. During that time she reviewed and negotiated complex contracts on a regular basis. And it was also during that time that Vikki became a real estate investor, negotiating on her own behalf as a buyer.

Her love of real estate and skill at navigating its many transactional parts lead her to obtain her license so that she could help others achieve their real estate goals. Furthering her education and skills, Vikki obtained her Commercial and Investment Properties Real Estate Certification (“CIREC”) last summer.

Vikki had this to say about her recent achievements:

“I have been blessed with a great year working with wonderful and supportive clients. Their loyalty has allowed me to grow my business each year. It has been an extremely rewarding and fulfilling year so far. The great team I have at Green Team New York Realty helps tremendously.”


Keren Gonen is Green Team New Jersey Realty’s 2019 2nd Quarter Sales Leader

Keren Gonen is Green Team New Jersey Realty’s 2019 2nd Quarter Sales Leader

Green Team New Jersey Realty is pleased to announce that Keren Gonen has been named 2nd Quarter Sales Leader for 2019. Keren finished 2018 on a high. She was 3rd Quarter Sales Leader for 2018. And she also was a recipient of the Circle of Excellence Award.  However, it now looks like 2019 is going to be a great year, too.

Geoff Green, President of Green Team Realty had this to say:

Keren is one of the bright young stars in this industry. She goes out of her way to provide the best service to her clients. That’s why she’s a top producer.

When Keren received the award for the 3rd Quarter Sales Leader of 2018, Geoff said, “I am 100% confident that we will see Keren as the winner of the Quarterly Sales Leader Award many more times in the future.”

It looks like Geoff was right on all counts!

Keren’s recipe for success

Keren’s recipe for success is simple:

I treat people how I would want to be treated. Whether you’re selling or buying, it can be an extremely stressful process. But if you have an agent that listens, is knowledgeable and holds your hand throughout, it makes it bearable. You come out the other end successful. I give my clients the attention and dedication I’d expect. And that’s why so many of them have enjoyed a positive experience.


Green Team Realty’s 2019 Launch Competition Was a Big Success

Green Team Realty’s 2019 Launch Competition Was a Big Success

GT 2019 Launch Logo,




Green Team Realty’s Launch is a competition with a purpose. It provides incentives for Sales Associates to learn or improve their use of Green Team’s Customer Relationship Management system (“CRM”). The ultimate goal is providing the best in customer service and appreciation. By inputting and keeping track of the information and activities pertaining to client transactions, agents are better able to refine their client appreciation programs. Further, maintaining relationships with clients past, present and future in today’s challenging real estate market makes everyone a winner. Geoff Green, President of Green Team Realty, promotes the competition at the beginning of each year. He feels that agents who fully know and use the CRM can provide better services to their clients while also getting better control of their businesses and lives. Besides, a little friendly competition and generous prizes ensure some serious participation.

Thanks to the Team Leaders!

Before announcing the winning teams and individuals, Geoff Green first thanked the team captains for volunteering their time and effort. “These ladies went above and beyond to make this a fruitful competition for all of the Sales Associates. Great job to all team captains!” In the Warwick office, Angela Murphy volunteered to once again serve as a Launch team leader. And Kim Lesley stepped up as team leader of the opposing team.  At the Vernon office, Cathie Witte took on last year’s team leader and individual winner, Keren Gonen.  All four leaders did their best to inspire their teams to become proficient in using the CRM. And, of course, to score the points given for CRM activities.

Angela Murphy           Kim Lesley                  Cathie Witte                     Keren Gonen

The Winning Teams are:

In Warwick, Kim Lesley’s Rock’n’Rollers put up a valiant fight, but Angela’s Murphy’s Master Minds came out on top. And in Vernon, Cathie’s Witte’s Wonders came in with the most points, despite a great showing by Keren’s Gonen’s Greenies.

This year Geoff awarded cash prizes for each of the top ten Sales Associates on the winning teams.  Each sales associate had to have a minimum of 600 points from February 14 to March 31, the length of the Launch competition.

And the Individual Winners from those Winning Teams are:

Dean Diltz was not a member of the winning team. However, as the highest point earner in the Warwick office, he was awarded a special prize.

Looking forward to Launch 2020!

Will our team leaders step up for the challenge again? Which team will score the most points? And what incentives will Geoff offer to motivate everyone!  Stay tuned for February 14, 2020, when Launch 2020 will blast off!

Green Team New Jersey Realty’s 2018 Circle of Excellence Award Recipients

Green Team New Jersey Realty’s 2018 Circle of Excellence Award Recipients

From left to right: Ann Nussberger, Charles Nagy, Kristi Anderson, Theodore Van Laar, Barbara Tesa, Alison Miller, Joyce Rogers, Keren Gonen


Green Team New Jersey Realty’s 2018 Circle of Excellence Award Recipients

With eight of its sales associates receiving the New Jersey Realtors®  Bronze Circle of Excellence Award, GTNJR couldn’t be prouder!  The recipients are: Kristi Anderson, Keren Gonen, Alison Miller, Charles Nagy, Ann Nussberger, Joyce Rogers, Barbara Tesa and Theodore Van Laar. And they happily displayed the awards which recognized their hard work and achievement.

Geoff Green, President of Green Team Realty, was in attendance at the April 4 Awards Luncheon. “What makes the number of Award recipients especially outstanding is that it represents almost half of the associates in our Vernon office. It also represents an upwards trend from six Circle of Excellence Award recipients in 2017. I fully expect to see the number of recipients continue to rise.”  Kimberly Lasalandra, Broker Manager of Green Team’s Vernon office was also on hand to support the recipients. “Since we first opened our doors in 2016, we have been attracting dedicated, hardworking real estate professionals who share a common goal of providing excellent customer service.  Having so many recipients of the Circle of Excellence Award proves that the systems we have in place and the people we attract are a formula for success. I look forward to seeing how many recipients we have in 2019!”

What the award means…

According to its website, “New Jersey Realtors® is proud to have members who are experts in their fields, advocates in their communities and leaders amongst their peers. Throughout the year, New Jersey Realtors® honors the accomplishments of select members through prestigious awards.” Further, “The NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence® Sales Award® recognizes those members who have demonstrated excellence in the field of salesmanship.” 

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