2nd Quarter Sales Leaders

2nd Quarter Sales Leaders

Green Team Realty has announced its 2nd Quarter Sales Leaders. They are Keren Gonen, of Green Team New Jersey Realty, and Kasey Malone, Green Team New York Realty.

Keren Gonen

Since joining Green Team New Jersey Realty in 2017, Keren has been a quarterly sales leader many times. In addition, she has twice been the yearly sales leader. Geoff Green, President of Green Team Realty, had this to say about Keren:

“What is most amazing about Keren is not her continued success as a top-producing Realtor, but rather her devotion to people.  Keren donates time out of her very busy day to organizations such as Team Up for Hope, and the Sussex County Association of Realtors on top of being a great Mom and Realtor.  Congratulations once again Super Star.  Keep up the good work.”

Keren stated:

“Being able to assist buyers, sellers, and investors in this market has proven to be a test of my craft. I love Real Estate and hope that each and every one of my clients has felt my passion and desire to serve others. Learning how to serve my clients best in this crazy Market has been the biggest learning curve for me. I’ve had to get creative and definitely think outside the box. I am so grateful that I have been able to assist so many clients in finding or selling their homes or investment. Thank you, to all of you who have chosen me to accompany you on this journey. Be safe and let’s make 2021 the best year we’ve ever had!”

Kasey Malone

Geoff Green congratulated Kasey on being the 2nd Quarter Sales Leader for the New York office:

“A big congratulations to Kasey who is a first-time Quarterly Sales Leader.  Kasey lives out the phrase, “work by referral”.  Kasey’s friends, neighbors, and relatives all know how honest and hard-working she is. Now the rest of the world does too.  Great job Kasey, and keep up the good work.”

Kasey shared her thoughts on being the Q2 Sales Leader at Green Team New York Realty:

“Doing real estate part-time and strictly by word of mouth has made me solely rely on building my reputation as a real estate agent. Each year I set a goal for myself to beat last year’s sales, this year has been my best so far! I had the distinct opportunity to work with famous clients who were referred to me through a close friend and I am grateful that they chose me for their real estate needs. I love my Green Team! They give you all the tools you need to succeed and we get to build great business relationships with each other along the way! This is a huge milestone for me in my real estate career and I am so excited to receive this award!”

Pip Klein Celebrates 10 Years with the Green Team

Pip Klein Celebrates 10 Years with the Green Team

Congratulations to Pip Klein as she celebrates 10 years with the Green Team!

In the beginning…

When Pip started at the Green Team as a part-time marketing consultant, she had not even considered real estate as a career. But Geoff Green encouraged her because he felt she had the personality, contacts  AND most importantly, her late parents’ home was on the market with another broker!!! “Get your license PIP,” she remembers him saying loudly. And so she did – a decision which she is very grateful that she made.  In addition, her techie son Ben was in high school at the time and also joined the team, working on redesigning the Green Team website. It was the right time for both Ben and Pip. Plus, it was fun for them to work together during those last years of his high school.


One of Pip’s original sales goals was to earn Captains Club status by reaching the $3 million mark. Pip got her license in May 2011, and she made Captains Club in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2020. She made Presidents Club (for $5-$10 million in sales) in 2018. In addition, she was the 3rd Quarter Sales Leader for that year.  Pip achieved honorable mention (for sales of $1.5 to $3 million) in 2019. She found that once her business was up and running, it became easier to achieve goals.  Also, the market improved, providing the opportunity for more sales. She is also very proud of being named the Green Team’s first “Momentum Builder,” a new award in 2015 for achievements and helping inspire others. Pip’s goals have been consistent. Keep learning, growing, and enjoying the work. And, to make at least Captains Club every year!

Teamwork and Friendship

Pip has found Green Team is truly a great “team” of people. Over her decade there, she has made valuable friendships with both agents and clients. Indeed, friends for life.

Pip Klein and Toni Vogel celebrate 10 years with Green Team

Pip Klein, Associate Broker/Manager Lucyann Tinnirello, and Toni Vogel

A few of Pip’s favorite (and least favorite) things

Pip likes connecting people to the right home. She calls it being a house matchmaker. Once she gets to know people, she can really get a sense of the type of house they want.  Pip and her husband Bob bought a unique home 30 years ago. It was a renovated onion barn! She also enjoys writing and hopes to continue with personal blogging about real estate. Pip’s least favorite thing?  When transactions become tangled in situations beyond control while everyone is waiting to close. That can be frustrating. Red tape, legal snafus, etc. can be difficult. You have to focus on the endpoint, which is closing.

Biggest Accomplishments since starting at Green Team

Pip believes it has been a decade of accomplishments. Sometimes the smaller transactions are big victories as you help people buy or sell and make their next chapter easier to move on to. According to Pip, no one likes transition, and realtors are in the middle of that angst on all sides. They have to be calm and extend the best advice. Communication is key. She did have one memorable day in 2018. Three closings, $2.4 million volume in a day! That was a once-in-a-lifetime tsunami of good luck. What’s more, the commission hit her bank account on her birthday.

But of course, it’s not about the dollars. Truly, for Pip, it’s the culmination of hard work and getting things to the finish line. Her father always said, “Do what you enjoy, then you enjoy what you do.” Sage advice. He didn’t see his “work” as something separate. When you are a Realtor, you are living, breathing real estate all the time. And it doesn’t feel like “work” when you are truly happy with what you are doing.

Some sage advice from Pip

“Life is an adventure and you have to take risks!” Starting a new career at age 60 was challenge enough, but the best part was that she didn’t realize how much she would learn about herself and others. It really is the type of work that embraces a lot of different aspects of a “job.” Especially because Realtors deal so closely with people, most of whom they don’t know and never met. That keeps it fresh. According to Pip, it was sort of like having a baby in her 40s, which she did. It was a great learning experience and chock full of new friends and experiences. She has no regrets!

One of the biggest lessons that Pip has learned is to accept rejection. Not everything works out in your favor. Sometimes, you just don’t get the listing for whatever reason. Or the deal falls through. Don’t take it personally. Be yourself and carry on.


Pip has had many memorable experiences. One of her favorites is this:

“A family from NY was looking for their dream home/farm property. They had a very specific wish list, but I found 3 homes for them to see. The FIRST house was spectacular and everything they hoped for. The land, the extra house, and all redone – a great Victorian. While racing around the bottom level I noticed a painting on the wall. There was something familiar about it and I went up close to look. Yes, there it was – my mother’s signature – Phyllis Klein. This was a painting I had donated to a fundraiser years before and the owner of this house had purchased it. I turned to my new client and said, “Well, you simply have to buy this house. My mother’s painting is hanging on the wall!” They did!”

Toni Vogel Celebrates 10 Years with the Green Team

Toni Vogel Celebrates 10 Years with the Green Team

Congratulations to Toni Vogel as she celebrates 10 years with the Green Team!

Back in the day

Antonette “Toni” Vogel started working at Green Team in 2011, as an Agent Service Manager. However, she knew Geoff Green and his wife Laura from their high school days. Toni not only worked in the Green Team office; she and her husband also own a reputable local construction company, Harvest Valley Construction. Inc. Thus, her education in the real estate industry was very hands-on. 

Flexibility and changing goals

When Toni first started at the Green Team, her biggest goal was hitting a million in sales. Now she far exceeds that every year! In the early days of her career, Toni was busy raising her three sons. As of this year, they are all in school. Thus, she is able to set higher sales goals. One of her biggest accomplishments was making Captains Club in 2019, for meeting $3 to $5 million in sales.

A few of her favorite (and least favorite) things

What Toni likes most about being part of the Green Team is the camaraderie and support that she gets from her colleagues and the admin staff. Needless to say, her favorite part of the job is closings!  In contrast, Toni’s least favorite aspect of real estate is something we’ve been hearing a lot about: the lack of inventory. 

Toni’s biggest “lesson learned?” Check all information, recheck it, and check it again!  Don’t assume that all the information you’re provided with is accurate. It’s important to do your due diligence and go above and beyond for all of your clients!


“Denise Schmidt will forever be a huge part of my success in the industry. She took me under her wing after I got my license and helped me grow professionally. Also, I took my real estate course, as well as the real estate exam, with Pip Klein. She will forever be my classmate and dear friend!”

Toni Vogel with Denise Schmidt

Denise Schmidt and Toni Vogel

Green Team Goals for the future

Forever growing as a professional, Toni’s current goal is to focus on listing more properties. 

We have no doubt that Toni will reach that goal and we’ll be reporting it when her next Green Team anniversary rolls around.




Meet Kristin Hess

Meet Kristin Hess

Kristin Hess brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Green Team New Jersey Realty. A licensed Mortgage Loan Originator for 27 years, Kristin was a 1% Originator in Top Agent Magazine 2017, 2018, and 2019. Kristin was also a member of both President’s Club and the All-Star Club each year.

In addition, she has CMA (Certified Mortgage Advisor) certification. Furthermore, Kristin has been a licensed real estate agent since 2000.

Born into the Business

Kristin grew up in a mortgage/real estate household as her parents were in those professions. Having been born into the business, she couldn’t dream of doing anything else.  She started her career as a legal secretary. Kristin knew that this training would give her an edge by showing her all facets of the real estate business.

Let’s get personal

Kristin is married and has two daughters. Her 26-year-old daughter is getting her Ph.D. at Rowan;  her 15-year-old daughter attends Pope John High School.  The family moved to Sandyston a year ago, and she has also lived in Morris, Sussex, Warren, and Middlesex Counties. Therefore, she has the knowledge necessary to help her clients find their best location.

Kristin also believes in giving back to her community. She serves on the Vernon Beautification Committee and volunteers at the Farmers Market.  And, when Kristin has the time, she enjoys a game of golf.

For Kristin Hess, It’s about the American Dream

Kristin believes in the American Dream. She bought her very own house when she was 50 years old. She wants people to know it’s never too late to achieve your dreams. Whether a first-time home buyer or someone thinking of selling their home and downsizing or upsizing, Kristin has helped many people get their American Dream! And one of the best parts? Her clients become family!

Tom Folino receives CIREC Certification

Tom Folino receives CIREC Certification

Green Team New York Realty is pleased to announce that Tom Folino has received his Commercial and Investment Real Estate Certification (CIREC).

What The CIREC Designation Means

According to the NAR Code of Ethics, agents must have the proper training for specialized services. Agents undertaking the extensive CIREC course obtain the needed foundation to provide commercial and investment real estate services.  A wide range of topics is covered. Included are tax implications, 1031 Exchanges, valuing property, and more.  Also covered, preparation of financial analyses, and comparing financial impacts of leasing vs. buying. Furthermore, negotiating concepts and tactics are important parts of the course.

From Teacher and Coach to Real Estate Salesperson

After 37 years as both a teacher and coach in the Warwick Valley School District, Tom changed his career path. His interest in real estate began with his personal experiences of buying and selling his own homes. Tom found that he actually enjoyed the process. In fact, he liked everything from obtaining financing to negotiating the best deals, and everything else involved. When he retired from teaching, he decided to pursue real estate full time.

Tom is motivated by a desire to help people sell their homes, and to find homes they’d love within the community he knows and loves. He brings the same enthusiasm and dedication that distinguished his career in education. Tom’s main goal is to place his clients’ needs and desires first. Furthermore, he has first-hand knowledge of the importance of a quality school system to a community. In addition, his knowledge of Warwick and its many neighborhoods and villages are definite assets.

Tom explained the benefits of this certification to clients seeking commercial and investment real estate.

“Having the Commercial & Investment Real Estate Certification will definitely enhance my ability to help and guide clients looking to get involved with the commercial and investment side of real estate. I have worked with many clients in the past that purchased properties for investments. Many of these clients looked at the combined use of commercial and single-family properties, I now have the resources and knowledge, in this area of real estate, to significantly help my clients as they pursue their dreams of getting involved with commercial and investment properties”.

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