Agency News and Awards May 10, 2024

Congratulations Krissy Many!

Krissy Many: 2024’s Q1 Sales Leader for BHGRE Green Team’s Goshen Office! 

Krissy Many’s remarkable journey in the real estate industry has been marked by consistent excellence and a deep commitment to serving others. As a three-time sales leader spanning from Q3 of 2023 through Q1 of 2024, Krissy’s outstanding performance sets her apart as a true leader in our BHGRE Green Team family. But her impact extends far beyond her sales achievements—Krissy’s compassion and dedication to supporting military veterans and nurturing future talent make her an invaluable asset to our team and community.

A Heart of Gold: Supporting Military Veterans

Krissy’s compassion extends far beyond her professional accomplishments. As a Military Relocation Professional, she understands the unique challenges faced by veterans and their families when searching for a home. Krissy goes above and beyond to provide support and guidance, ensuring that each veteran she works with finds their dream home with ease. Her genuine empathy and unwavering dedication make her a trusted ally for those who have served our country.

Giving Back to the Community

Krissy’s commitment to making a difference doesn’t stop there. She actively seeks out opportunities to give back to the veteran community, whether through volunteering, participating in initiatives that provide housing assistance to those in need, or organizing community events to raise awareness and support for veteran causes. Her selfless generosity and dedication to serving others reflect the core values of our BHGRE Green Team family.

Nurturing Future Talent: The Chester Internship Program

In addition to her professional achievements and community involvement, Krissy also plays a vital role in nurturing future talent within the real estate industry. Through her participation in initiatives like the Chester Academy Internship Program, Krissy serves as a mentor and guide for aspiring real estate professionals. She generously shares her knowledge and experience, providing valuable insights and support to help young minds discover their potential. Krissy’s passion for empowering the next generation of industry leaders is truly inspiring and speaks volumes about her commitment to the future of our industry.

A True Inspiration

Krissy Many, your exceptional achievements as a sales leader, your unwavering dedication to supporting military veterans, and your commitment to nurturing future talent make you a true inspiration to us all. We are incredibly proud to have you as part of our team, and we look forward to witnessing your continued success and positive impact in the future!