Agency News and Awards December 22, 2023

A Green and Merry Affair

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team‘s Unforgettable Holiday Party at the beautiful Pennings Farm and Cidery.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team certainly embraced the holiday spirit at our recent office party at the beautiful Pennings Farm and Cidery.

We kicked off the evening with great friends, food, and fantastic drinks. As colleagues gathered and clinked glasses, the atmosphere was filled with holiday spirit, joy,  and the promise of a memorable celebration.

Geoffrey Green was excited to unveil the new custom BHGRE Green Team vests he ordered. His Green Team Spirit didn’t stop there. Looking closely, you’d see he was sporting his unique custom embroidered “Green Team” airforce sneakers. It’s clear Geoff loves repping the team and bringing some extra fun vibes to the party.

Kate Spade is the New Gnome


The real fun began with the white elephant gift exchange. Our team could not contain our laughter as gifts changed hands. The show’s star was an exquisite forest green Kate Spade bag, which quickly became the center of attention. Dana Green quickly chose the bag and was quick to threaten anyone who dared to steal it from her. Unfortunately for Dana, her threats did not deter Nicole McCormick, who happily snatched the bag when her ticket was called.


Much to Nicole’s dismay, the bag’s journey continued. Carol Buchanan happily took the bag from Nicole, but she didn’t have much time to celebrate before Tammy Scotto’s number was called. Tammy considered making a quick getaway when it was Vikki Garby’s turn to steal the bag but reluctantly handed it over. Funny enough –for us, not for Tammy – Vikki also stole Tammy’s beloved gnomes at last year’s party. The cycle of steals and swaps continued with Amy Green, Jacque Kraszewski, and Kate Vega. Each person taking their turn as a proud but temporary owner. Just as Kate was starting to think the bag was hers, Krissy Many’s number got called. Krissy had no qualms about swooping in and seizing the coveted bag for the ninth and final time.

The bag might have been the most popular, but many other gifts were on the table. A toaster, blender, “lamp,” and an abundance of booze found homes that night. 


And May all Your Christmases be Green!

As the night approached its end, the celebration reached its peak with a musical surprise. Pip Klien and Lora Chandra took the stage, serenading the crowd with their rendition of “White Christmas” – aptly renamed “Green Christmas” – Get it.. Green Team, Green Christmas? 

The BHGRE Green Team‘s holiday party at Pennings Farm and Cidery was a resounding success. Leaving everyone with cherished memories of laughter, camaraderie, and a touch of competitive holiday spirit. As the night drew to a close, our team basked in the warmth of our shared experiences, carrying the festive cheer into the new year.