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Community Support Krissy Many’s Heartfelt Impact in the Chester Academy Internship Program Congratulations to Krissy Many, one of our bright stars at BHGRE Green Team, for her incredible work in the Chester Academy Internship Program. Krissy’s dedication to guiding young talent like Alma shows her passion for helping others grow in real estate. In her own words, Krissy shares her genuine gratitude for being part of this […]
Agency News and Awards BHGRE Green Team’s Dedication to Mental Health Awareness Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team’s Dedication to Mental Health Awareness with Team Up for Hope For many years, BHGRE Green Team has been a dedicated sponsor of Team Up for Hope. Green Team deeply values Team Up for Hope‘s mission to raise awareness for mental health, suicide, and addiction within our community. […]
Community Support BHGRE Green Team’s Pajama Drive The Gift of a Cozy Night Hundreds of children in our community have never had the opportunity to own their own pajamas. BHGRE Green Team decided to help our community by collecting brand new pajamas for children from ages Newborn to 18. This fundraiser ran from November 14th – January 5th and we received a […]
Community Support Backyard Fun for the Summer Summer is the best time to be a kid!  Create an unforgettable few months filled with tons of games and family activities to have fun with right in your own backyard. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt You can plan this one afternoon and it will be sure to keep the little ones busy for hours. You can […]
Agency News and Awards Furever Homes for Pets Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team loves helping people find their perfect home. This time we wanted to help pets find their Furever homes as well. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team decided to host Furever Homes for Pets, a fundraiser for the Warwick Valley Humane Society. Our goal was to […]
Agency News and Awards Another Successful Applefest! Warwick’s Most Anticipated Event The charming village of Warwick welcomed people for another very successful Applefest. An estimated 30,000 people come every year to enjoy the many treats Warwick has to offer.  Taking part in the Excitement Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team was excited to join in on the fun. Our booth […]
Community Support Honoring our Local Heroes The Initiative The Warwick Valley Rotary Club launched a new fundraiser this year to place banners throughout the streets of Warwick in honor of our local,  or locally connected, veterans. This endeavor is an amazing way to not only fundraise for the Warwick Valley Rotary Club, who donates to many local non-profit organizations, but also […]
Community Support TUH is Making a Difference Geoff Green and Amy Green Morris founded Team Up for Hope in early 2020, with a small all-volunteer group of Green Team sales associates and staff. The mission statement was clear. The 501(c)(3) non-profit would seek to address the impact of mental health, substance use, and suicide in our communities. In order to accomplish this, TUH […]
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Agency News and Awards Green Team 2021 Summer Social – Fun with a Purpose   The Green Team  2021 Summer Social was about more than getting together and having a good time. It was also about having fun with a purpose. For many, this occasion marked the first time they had been able to socialize in a long time. There was a lot to talk about and catch up on. […]
Community Support 2021 Summer Social Green Team Summer Social – A Time to Celebrate It’s been a while since our Green Team family has been able to be together. The 2020 Green Team Summer Social was canceled due to the pandemic. The annual Awards Ceremony took place on Zoom.  COVID-19 has had the world adjusting to a new normal.  In […]
Community Support Are NYC residents moving to the suburbs? Are people really leaving NYC for the suburbs? Are NYC residents moving to the suburbs? Statistics show how Covid-19 has devastated New York City. The number of people with COVID-19 and the number of deaths is staggering. Social distancing is difficult. There is no doubt that crowded streets, elevators, and often apartments are not conducive […]
Community Support Resources for Covid-19 – for Family, Home and You We are living in times that are unlike anything any of us have seen before. In the midst of a pandemic, home is now the place we shelter in. Whether we live alone or with family, our homes are where many of us spend most of our time. Schools are closed, as are non-essential businesses. […]
Community Support TEAM UP FOR HOPE 2020 Green Team Realty receives NAMI Orange Appreciation Award On behalf of Green Team Realty,  Geoff Green proudly accepted NAMI Orange‘s Appreciation Award. The presentation took place at NAMI Orange’s 15th Annual Meeting. It was held on November 25,at the Orange County Department of Mental Health in Goshen, NY Presenting the Award Through its Team Up for Hope […]
Community Support Green Team Realty Receives NAMI Orange Appreciation Award Green Team Realty receives NAMI Orange Appreciation Award Geoff Green proudly accepted NAMI Orange‘s Appreciation Award on behalf of Green Team Realty at their 15th Annual Meeting. The meeting was held on November 25 at the Orange County Department of Mental Health in Goshen, NY.. Dhanu Sannesy, President of NAMI Orange is pictured here with Geoff […]
Community Support November in Orange and Sussex Counties   November is a beautiful season here in Orange and Sussex Counties. The beauty of leaves changing color can still be seen. And, even when skies are gray, it’s a gorgeous backdrop to the red barns and the fields that dot our counties. Of course, November brings many things. Such as Thanksgiving and the inevitable […]
Community Support October in Orange and Sussex Counties It’s October in Orange and Sussex Counties – and we know what that means! Fall is in full bloom and pumpkins dot the fields throughout these sister counties. Leaves change color, providing a breathtaking landscape. During October in Orange and Sussex Counties, there is a lot to see and a lot to do, culminating in […]
Community Support Remembering Denise Schmidt Remembering Denise Schmidt with love We often refer to Green Team Realty as a family. And the sudden, tragic passing of Denise Schmidt has left the Green Team family reeling in shock and disbelief. Yet in grief there is also a coming together.  And a desire to support Denise’s children and siblings, as well as […]
Community Support Fall in Orange and Sussex Counties It seems like only yesterday we were looking forward to the beginning of Summer. And now here we are in September, with Summer ending and Fall on its way. There is something very special about September in Orange and Sussex Counties. Known for our abundance of apple orchards and wineries, there are lots of places […]
Community Support Green Team Realty 2019 Summer Social Days Away! We’re only days away from the Green Team 2019 Summer Social. Many of us have had 2 p.m., August 24, blocked off on our calendars for months now, and with good reason. According to Geoff Green, President of Green Team Realty, “The Green Team Realty Summer Social is a great opportunity for all of us […]
Community Support The Merry Month of May – places to go in Orange and Sussex Counties and ideas for your home [et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text] It is feeling more and more like summer every day! The merry month of May is that wonderful blend of summer-like weather, mixed with rain that brings everything green to life! Trees have blossomed, grass is green. And the farms, wooded areas, low lying mountain ranges and country roads beckon us with a […]