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BHGRE Green Team’s Dedication to Mental Health Awareness

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team’s Dedication to Mental Health Awareness with Team Up for Hope

For many years, BHGRE Green Team has been a dedicated sponsor of Team Up for Hope. Green Team deeply values Team Up for Hope‘s mission to raise awareness for mental health, suicide, and addiction within our community. The partnership between BHGRE Green Team and Team Up for Hope has flourished over the years, with Green Team being one of their top sponsors since the beginning. Moreover, BHGRE Green Team’s CEO, Geoffrey Green, played an integral role as the co-founder of Team Up for Hope. Their continued support was evident at the recent Warwick Cares event, where Green Team showcased their unwavering commitment.

Team Up for Hope

Team Up For Hope Members Angela Murphy, Trish Valentino, Jane Steinhoff, Amy Green, Wayne Patterson, Diva, and Geoffrey Green with BHGRE Green Team’s President Vikki Garby.

Uniting to Bring Awareness

BHGRE Green Team’s generous contributions and commitment to the cause have played a pivotal role in helping Team Up for Hope carry out its mission. By partnering with Team Up for Hope, Green Team has demonstrated their dedication to making a meaningful impact on the community’s well-being.

Geoffrey Green, the CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team, is not only a successful leader but also a passionate advocate for mental health. As a co-founder of Team Up for Hope, he recognized the urgent need to address mental health issues and has been instrumental in guiding the organization’s mission. Through his leadership and vision, Geoffrey Green has played a crucial role in driving positive change and fostering a community that prioritizes mental health and well-being.

Wayne Patterson, President of Team Up for Hope and an agent with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team is a dedicated mental health advocate. Wayne’s commitment to the cause goes beyond his role as President, as he actively participates in various organizations dedicated to helping the community. His involvement in these organizations showcases his unwavering dedication to promoting mental health and providing support to those in need. Wayne Patterson’s collaborative spirit and hard has helped Team Up for Hope become a well-known name in our community. Additionally, his tireless advocacy efforts make it possible to build a stronger community and uplift individuals and families facing mental health challenges.

Building a Stronger Community

True to their commitment to the community, Green Team proudly attended the Warwick Cares event, demonstrating their unwavering support for mental health initiatives. Their presence at the event showcased their dedication to the collective mission of spreading awareness and providing support for those in need. By actively participating, Green Team exemplified their commitment to making a difference and fostering a caring community.

Together, Green Team and Team Up for Hope continue to promote mental health and well-being, making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families in need. Their partnership, fueled by the leadership of Geoffrey Green, the passion of Wayne Patterson, and the shared vision of both organizations, stands as a beacon of hope and resilience. With their unwavering support and dedication, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team and Team Up for Hope are building a stronger community, one that prioritizes mental health and supports those in need.