Agency News and AwardsAgent Tips May 26, 2022

Green Teams Small Groups

If you’re looking to improve your real estate career, consider joining a brokerage that puts emphasis on teamwork and peer relationships. Even though that might not be something that initially comes to mind as a helpful resource in real estate. Green Team Realty is showing the positive effects that it has on its agents’ work. 

“Small Groups” was created by Green Team Realty to give its sales associates the opportunity to connect and learn more from their peers. Each group consists of 1 group leader and no more than 10 group members. These meetings occur monthly with the exception of August and December. Every group is then given activities and discussion topics that cover everything from sales skills to health and wellness.

Carol Buchanan was the first sales associate to lead one of these groups. She has been a real estate professional for nearly 29 years, a member of Green Team New York Realty for four years, and achieved the Gold Award for $5-10 Million in Sales Volume for 2021. . Her group meets on the second Friday of every month and the members have grown exceptionally close since its start. Carol works with Morgan Beattie, New York’s Agent Service Manager (ASM), to make sure that her group has everything they need for the meetings including printouts and snacks.

Carol, as well as the other group leaders, are experienced professionals and great people for their group members to learn from. 

Green Team Realty hires agents of all experience levels and Small Groups is a great asset to new and experienced agents alike.  If this sounds like a team you would enjoy being part of, consider reaching out to us to learn more about what Green Team offers its agents.