Agency News and Awards July 11, 2021

Toni Vogel Celebrates 10 Years with the Green Team

Congratulations to Toni Vogel as she celebrates 10 years with the Green Team!

Back in the day

Antonette “Toni” Vogel started working at Green Team in 2011, as an Agent Service Manager. However, she knew Geoff Green and his wife Laura from their high school days. Toni not only worked in the Green Team office; she and her husband also own a reputable local construction company, Harvest Valley Construction. Inc. Thus, her education in the real estate industry was very hands-on. 

Flexibility and changing goals

When Toni first started at the Green Team, her biggest goal was hitting a million in sales. Now she far exceeds that every year! In the early days of her career, Toni was busy raising her three sons. As of this year, they are all in school. Thus, she is able to set higher sales goals. One of her biggest accomplishments was making Captains Club in 2019, for meeting $3 to $5 million in sales.

A few of her favorite (and least favorite) things

What Toni likes most about being part of the Green Team is the camaraderie and support that she gets from her colleagues and the admin staff. Needless to say, her favorite part of the job is closings!  In contrast, Toni’s least favorite aspect of real estate is something we’ve been hearing a lot about: the lack of inventory. 

Toni’s biggest “lesson learned?” Check all information, recheck it, and check it again!  Don’t assume that all the information you’re provided with is accurate. It’s important to do your due diligence and go above and beyond for all of your clients!


“Denise Schmidt will forever be a huge part of my success in the industry. She took me under her wing after I got my license and helped me grow professionally. Also, I took my real estate course, as well as the real estate exam, with Pip Klein. She will forever be my classmate and dear friend!”

Toni Vogel with Denise Schmidt

Denise Schmidt and Toni Vogel

Green Team Goals for the future

Forever growing as a professional, Toni’s current goal is to focus on listing more properties. 

We have no doubt that Toni will reach that goal and we’ll be reporting it when her next Green Team anniversary rolls around.