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The Internet Vs. the Real Estate Agent

The Internet Vs. the Real Estate Agent

The Internet Vs. the Real Estate Agent.  It may seem like the internet provides many all the tools that can make buying your dream home seem like a breeze.  You can search online, see a home you like, take a video tour.  Sure, there’s an Agent attached to the house, but that seems more a formality.  That’s who you call because they have the keys to the house you want to see..  You’re tech savvy, you know where you can get a mortgage online, you know how to do your research.  You’ve got this under control.  Or do you?

The Real Estate Agent

The Real Estate Agent is more than the holder of the keys.   Buying – or selling – a home is a process, one that has many steps.  The experienced Real Estate Agent is there to act as your guide through the process.  From beginning to end, your Agent is there for YOU!  To find out what is really important to you in a new home.   Help you obtain the most beneficial financing.   And to help you get the most house for your money.  

The home you eventually purchase may not be the one you found on   But that home gave both you and your real estate Agent an idea of what you are looking for.  You will most likely visit numerous homes.   Some may be listed by other Agents, but YOUR Agent can and will arrange for you to see them all, and will represent you!   Your Real Estate Agent’s goal is to help you find the best home at the best price, and to make the process as easy and stress free as possible.

Using the Internet as a Tool

The internet definitely has a place in your search. You can take countless house tours without ever leaving your home.  It can help you define the style of house you want, the must haves you’d like to have in that house, and the things you can compromise on.   You can get statistics on neighborhoods and school districts.  It can definitely be fun checking out all the beautiful homes shown on the internet, but when you make that decision that it is now time to buy or sell, it’s time to let the Real Estate Agent step in.

The Real Estate Agent, the Internet, and You … the Perfect Trio

Real Estate Agents work very hard at their jobs.  Their goal is to help you either get into a home that you’ll love, or sell the home that you love, so you can move on to the next.  They have the training and resources to check for homes both online or through other agency offerings and their knowledge of the local market.  The Agent will find comparable housing prices in specific areas. In addition, they have access to sites with information not available to home buyers and sellers.   And they know the different neighborhoods in the town or city you are looking for.

If you don’t qualify for the financing to afford a home in one specific neighborhood, they can recommend an area which may just be more affordable. A knowledgeable, local real estate Agent can translate the stats you’ve seen online into real life info that can help you achieve your goals! They help you navigate the maze of forms, regulations… of making offers – and counteroffers!  They’ll be by your side.  From visiting properties, through making your offer. Through having it accepted, then through your home inspection.  They’ll help you handle some of those challenges that can arise, ranging from merely irritating to downright nerve-wracking!  They will be by your side until the closing – when YOU become the holder of the keys!

After the Sale, your Real Estate Agent is still there for you!

Once you have either moved in, or moved on to your next home, your Agent remains a valuable source of information.  And, while the internet can provide you recommendations for contractors and local businesses, the recommendations from your Agent will be based on working with those individuals and businesses.  That can make a big difference when selecting people to turn your new house into your new home!  

So, the Internet Vs. the Real Estate Agent?   While the Internet may have played a part in the overall process, there is something that it just can’t do … and that is have the human touch!