Agency News and Awards April 26, 2018

Meet Lucyann Tinnirello, the new Broker Manager of Green Team’s Warwick office.


Why a broker manager?

With his business expanding and taking most of his time, Geoff Green knew it was time to hand over the reigns of day-to-day management of the Green Team’s Warwick office to a new broker manager.  Furthermore, he understood it would take someone special to do the job.

First of all, the perfect candidate would have to be experienced in real estate and able to handle the detailed management of the office. In addition, the candidate would have to be someone who was not ego driven.  Finally, it would take someone able to work with a growing team of agents to solve problems and help them succeed in their businesses.  Fortunately, the perfect candidate was already a member of the Green Team family.

Meet Lucyann Tinnirello, the perfect candidate…

Green Team Home Selling System is happy to welcome Lucyann Tinnirello as its first Broker Manager.  With 34 years of experience, Lucyann knows the business inside and out.  Thus, she understands that real estate is mostly about solving problems and developing relationships.

Lucyann sees the Broker Manager position as being an opportunity for caring, helping, resolving problems and promoting an atmosphere of teamwork, where agents share with their co-workers what their experiences have taught them.  However, she also understands there will be challenges. In managing workflow, she knows she must practice neutrality, as well as empathy and efficiency. She feels well prepared to take on the responsibilities of this position, having been co-owner of her own firm. There is a motto that Lucyann lives by: “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”  Her fellow agents agree that Lucyann embodies this motto and is the person who can handle this job.  She is both well liked and respected by her peers.

A message for Lucyann’s clients…

By the way, Geoff has a message for Lucyann’s clients.  “Fear not! Lucyann will continue to list and sell homes!  This position was designed for an active sales person, with support staff and systems providing back-up for the Broker Manager.”

One more word of wisdom…

Lucyann has one more bit of wisdom to live by. Football coach Lou Holtz said this at a seminar and she’s never forgotten it.  “WIN…”  or “What’s Important Now!” And for Lucyann, what’s important now is doing the best job she can as the Green Team’s new Broker Manager.