Agency News and Awards September 26, 2023

Meet Harris Cruz

Meet Harris Cruz, Your Trusted Real Estate Advocate from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team!

In the dynamic world of real estate, where professionalism, expertise, and a genuine passion for properties converge, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team proudly introduces its latest standout addition, Harris Cruz. With an impressive background in Real Estate Development, Construction Management, and Property Management, Harris is poised to make a significant impact as an agent, infusing his unique blend of skills and experiences into every endeavor.

From Foundations to Future Homes

Before starting his real estate journey, Harris Cruz was deeply involved in Real Estate Development, Construction Management, and Property Management. His enthusiasm for transforming vacant spaces into thriving communities kindled his aspiration to create something extraordinary. During this time, Harris gained an intricate understanding of the industry’s nuances and a deep appreciation for converting blueprints into reality.

A Homeowner’s Insight

Harris’s personal journey as a homeowner significantly influenced his decision to delve into real estate. Owning his own home not only established a profound connection to the process but also instilled genuine empathy for the dreams of potential homebuyers. This unique viewpoint empowers him to approach his role as an agent with a sensitivity that transcends mere transactions.

Rooted in Pine Bush, NY

Proudly anchored in Pine Bush, NY, Harris Cruz isn’t just an agent – he’s a community advocate. His deep ties to the area give him an insightful understanding of local market trends, allowing him to deliver tailored advice and solutions to clients. Harris’s unwavering commitment to his community is palpable, radiating through every facet of his professional pursuits.

A Seamless Match

Aligning himself with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team was a natural decision for Harris. The agency’s unwavering dedication to its agents, complemented by a robust support structure and comprehensive training initiatives, deeply resonated with Harris’s values and aspirations. With the Green Team, Harris discovers a nurturing environment where his skills can flourish and where continuous learning and growth are intrinsic to the journey.

Skills That Elevate

Harris Cruz’s skill set is as diverse as it is impressive. His adept negotiating skills make him a formidable client advocate in every transaction. His discerning eye for property assessment ensures clients receive precise investment valuations. And let’s not overlook his design proficiency – an added asset that enables him to provide insightful recommendations for enhancing a property’s visual allure.


As BHGRE Green Team embraces Harris Cruz, a thrilling chapter unfolds in his career and the agency’s narrative. With a background steeped in real estate development and management, a homeowner’s insight that resonates on a personal level, and a skill set that is nothing short of exceptional, Harris Cruz is positioned to redefine the essence of real estate excellence. Whether you’re a buyer seeking the perfect property or a seller looking to optimize your investment’s value, Harris Cruz epitomizes Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team’s commitment to success and tailored service. Prepare to witness the future of real estate, one property at a time, guided by Harris Cruz’s vision and expertise.