Agency News and Awards May 23, 2022

Lucyann Tinnirello steps down as Broker Manager of GTNYR

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Lucyann Tinnirello may be stepping down as Broker Manager of GTNYR, but that is by no means the end of her Green Team story. In fact, that story began in 1984, when Lucyann started her career with Geoff Green’s father at ERA Joseph Green Real Estate. From there, Lucyann worked at several other agencies, including co-owning her own firm. When she joined Green Team in 2008, she felt as though she had come full circle. In 2018, Lucyann was elected broker manager of [what was formerly known as] Green Team Home Selling  System. Now, she is looking forward to working full-time with her clients.



A message from Geoff Green…

“LucyAnn has been an asset to our office as Broker Manager since she stepped into the role in 2018. Her experience in real estate made her the perfect candidate to not only handle the details of management but also to solve problems and help agents succeed.  Additionally, Lucyann always exceeded our expectations in terms of caring for everyone in our Agency. Lucyann will always take the shirt off her back to help those around her, and she did just that for many of our Agents through the years.  And, now that Lucyann has decided to step down as Broker Manager she will be re-focusing her time and energy on her own real estate sales, remaining as one of our beloved Agents.”



Lucyann’s Words of Wisdom

Lucyann lives by her credo,  “It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.”  It’s no surprise, then, that she is much-loved by fellow agents. When Lucyann comes across a quote that inspires her, she embraces and shares it.  For instance, Lucyann has another quote, with a story behind it. She considers herself lucky to have attended a motivational workshop by the legendary former Notre Dame Football Coach, Lou Holtz. And, Lucyann took to heart his words: ‘WIN – What’s Important Now!”  She’ll tell you the importance of staying in the moment,



Jennifer DiCostanzo

 “Kindness and compassion are Lucyann’s trademarks. She supports agents with both personal and professional growth.”



Tiffany Megna

Tiffany Megna shared some of Lucyann’s quotes. For instance, instead of saying goodbye, Lucyann says, “Be safe!”  The agents have trust in LucyAnn: if someone came to her with a problem, they knew their conversation would be kept confidential. She would always conclude the discussions with ” It’s your story to tell” letting them know that it would be safe in the Lucyann vault.  Tiffany and Lucyann also created their own saying, by shortening “Hello, Lucyann,” to “HiLu!” This is now a regular greeting.



Krissy Many

“When I reflect back on the time she served; I am most appreciative for her making herself available and her undying support of her agents. She always had our backs ( and if needed; told us privately what we did wrong). Lucyann was a defender!  She was “Switzerland.”  I appreciated her wisdom and sense of humor, and look forward to enjoying her company in the office as she has an abundance of both!!  She is thoughtful and often surprised us at our breakfast meetings with tokens of love and kindness. That is just who she is…. Thoughtful, kind, funny, and supportive. I will never hear the phrases “Be Safe” and “It is nice to be important but more important to be nice!” and not think of Lucyann. Thanks to Lucyann her for her support and service. I wish her the very best in the next chapter of her business”.



Nancy Sardo

“Lucyann has a genuine, unconditional love for people. She can be defined by her ability to do her very best to make things go as smoothly as possible in this crazy world of real estate, she will be missed as our Broker Manager. However, I am sure she is going to welcome the extra time with her beautiful family and grandchildren. Be Safe Lou–Love”



Morgan Beattie


“Ever since starting at Green Team, Lucyann has welcomed me with open arms. She is the person you can go to for anything. It can be a real estate question or even life advice, Lu will always be there for you no matter what.”




A celebration to say Thank You, Lucyann!

And what better way to celebrate than Happy Hour at Warwick Thai!  A group of Green Team Sales Associates gathered to say thank you on Lucyann’s last day as broker manager. Stepping up to that position is Carol Buchanan, who will be featured in an upcoming post. Lucyann proudly held up a card, which reads:  “I’m not old – I’m Vintage!”