Community Support January 25, 2017

Green Team Announces the Winners of the Light Up the Holidays Contest

Light Up the Holidays WinnersGreen Team Home Selling System Announces Light Up the Holidays Winners

WARWICK – Geoff Green, broker/principal of the Green Team Home Selling System, with offices at 7 Main St. in Warwick and 200 Route 94 in Vernon, N.J., recently announced the winners of the real estate firm’s first annual “Light up the Holidays” outdoor lighting fund-raising contest.

Homeowners, who pride themselves for creatively decorating their houses during the holiday season, were invited to submit an image of their decorated holiday home which was then displayed on the Green Team’s Facebook page. The three best-decorated homes were determined by a public vote and by the number of likes on Facebook.

The winners received three prizes of $200, $150 and $100 in Warwick Merchant Guild gift certificates and all proceeds from sponsorships went to benefit the Warwick Valley Humane Society and the Vernon Township Animal Shelter.


First place went to Diane Nevarez of the Village of Florida, who donated her prize to the shelters.

First place went to Diane Nevarez of the Village of Florida, who donated her prize to the shelters.

Mikey Praino of Warwick took second place and David DiPietro of Vernon, N.J., was the third-place winner.


Sponsorship donations for the Warwick Valley Humane Society totaled $2,300. The Vernon Animal Shelter received $150.

“We were both honored and excited to be chosen as the recipient of the Green Team’s first annual ‘Light Up the Holidays’ contest whose sponsors donated $2,300,” said Suzyn Barron, president of the Warwick Valley Humane Society. “It was such an opportune time as we were nearing completion of our garage renovation. Our new ‘Zen Den’ is now ready to offer a quiet, respite from the kennel stress that some of our dogs are experiencing, as well as be utilized as a training area.”

The Green Team Home Selling System is a member of the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce and has a history of helping support the community and local charitable organizations.

Article Written by Roger Gavan