Agency News and Awards March 22, 2023

Joe Mackey Rising Star in Real Estate & Basketball

Discovering his Passion

Joe Mackey grew up in Warwick and began playing for the WVCSD basketball team when he was in middle school. Throughout the years his dedication to the sport only continued to grow. During his two years of varsity, his team enjoyed a lot of success including a 15-5 record as a senior which is the best record Warwick has had in the last 15 years. Following this event, Joe knew that he wanted to become a coach.

After playing for the WVCSD throughout his middle and high school years, Joe attended Bucknell University. While there, he became a valuable member of their Division 1 basketball team.  During his time at Bucknell, he learned about the coaching side of the sport and upon graduation, he knew he wanted to pursue it.

The travel and job relocation that comes along with being a college basketball coach can be difficult when it comes to family. Joe soon decided to become a High School coach and has never regretted this decision. It was the perfect opportunity to impact student-athletes and have the family and career he has always hoped for.

A Lucky Encounter

As luck would have it, in the summer of 2012 Joe was attending a graduation party when he ran into his former Junior Varsity coach, and fellow Green Teamer, Tom Folino. Tom was no stranger to Joe’s passion for the sport and asked him to join his staff as Varsity Assistant. After two years as Tom’s assistant Joe took over as the JV Head Coach. Three years later, when Tom Folino decided it was time to retire, Joe was promoted to the Varsity Head Coach and he hasn’t looked back.

“I had Joe as a student since he entered elementary school as a kindergartener. I then taught at the high school and had him as a student there as well. I was Joe’s junior varsity basketball coach his sophomore year. Joe has always been a leader and someone you can count on to do the right thing. He has an excellent rapport with all ages and genuinely cares about his players and staff. His knowledge and his ability to relay that to his players is what makes him stand out as a teacher/coach. He brings out the best in all of his players. We are fortunate to have him as our varsity basketball coach at Warwick High School.” 

-Tom Folino

A Successful Career

Joe is now in his 11th year coaching the WVHS basketball team and 6th year as the Head Varsity Coach. His passion for the sport is reflected well in his team’s accomplishments. They started the season 11-0, a Warwick boy’s basketball school record. They have since set a new school record at 13-1 and it is Joe’s hope that they can continue to succeed. 

Nine players returned for this season and they have been working out consistently since April of last year. With Joe’s expert guidance, his players have developed an excellent understanding of the game and what is expected of them. 

  “They trust the coaches and their peers and I think this has contributed significantly to how our season has gone thus far. We have worked extremely hard to build a culture that values work ethic, positive attitudes, and accountability.” 

-Joe Mackey

In Joe’s previous five seasons of coaching, his team has made the playoffs four times. Although they have yet to win a playoff game Joe is confident that will change this season.

As an expert agent and coach, Joe will always give his clients the same 100% he gives his team.