Buying a home August 20, 2020

Home Insurance Myths and Misconceptions

Geoff Green, President of Green Team Realty, and Garret Durland of Seely & Durland Insurance presented a webinar on myths and misconceptions people have about Home Insurance.  Also joining the conversation were Michelle Dixon and Brianna Smith of Seely & Durland. This local insurance agency has been an important part of Warwick since 1934. Presented live on Facebook Thursday, August 13, the information they shared is important to all homeowners. If you were unable to catch it on Facebook Live, you can view the webinar here. In addition, below you’ll find a summary of some of the topics discussed.

Home Insurance.  Can’t Live with it. Can’t live without it!

Three out of five homes are underinsured. There is a misconception between market value and insurable replacement cost. A difference exists between what the home sells for versus what it costs to rebuild a home. Thus, replacement cost often exceeds market value.

Common Home Insurance Exclusions

Learn what the most common exclusions are. Also, learn about specific coverage available for some of these exclusions. It’s interesting to note that flood losses can include damage from a broken water main (surface water entering a home).

Home Insurance to cover Home Businesses

With more and more people operating a business at home many lack coverage, leaving them financially exposed. There are options available to provide needed coverage. There is also coverage available for “businesses” by kids. For instance, snow shoveling, landscaping or lawn mowing for neighbors.

High-Value Items

The standard homeowner’s insurance policy provides coverage up to a set amount for lost or stolen valuables. However, high-value items can be covered on a floater based on their appraised value. This includes jewelry, furs, guns, coins, watches, etc.

Fallen Trees Coverage

A tree falling on your property is only covered if it does damage to a structure or blocks your driveway.  There have been many storms impacting our area. Therefore, it’s important to understand the limits of your Home Insurance coverage.

Personal LIability

Did you know that if your child slanders someone on social media, that may become a situation requiring personal injury coverage? A reminder that people must be careful about what they are posting online. Personal injury coverage can be added to your Home Insurance policy An umbrella policy is an excess liability policy. It provides coverage over the limit on your home, auto, etc.

Answers to often-asked questions/Ending on a positive note.

Something most homeowners wonder about is the effect of filing multiple claims. Also of interest, what if you do Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO. How are these being covered by insurance companies?  In addition, what impact does your credit score have on premium rates? Find the answers in the webinar. Most importantly, there are ways to save on Home Insurance. Check out the tips discussed to see if you qualify for savings. Finally, view the informative follow-up discussion with Geoff Green and Garrett Durland,

Contact Information

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