Agency News and AwardsHaunted Homes- Tales from a Realtor October 22, 2022

Haunted Homes: Krissy Many’s Story

Krissy Many’s Chilling Experience

Krissy Many is often asked if she has ever experienced a haunted house throughout her many years of real estate.

While Krissy believes that houses have feelings and different energies, there have been some that stand out more than others. On occasion, she has visited homes that felt so heavy she couldn’t wait for an excuse to leave; One of these experiences she shares today. 

A few years ago Krissy got a request to show a new property to one of her clients. Just by looking at it, Krissy didn’t notice anything unordinary about the house. It was a flipped home that had recently been renovated and was now sitting vacant. To avoid tracking dirt through the newly finished home, Krissy and her client removed their shoes at the front door. When they started their tour Krissy took note of the minimal staging. The only furniture in the home was a kitchen table where plates, silverware, glasses, and cloth napkins were all neatly placed. It looked as if the home was waiting for a family to sit down for dinner.

As they concluded the viewing Krissy and her client returned to the front door for their shoes. While they were putting on their shoes, making small talk, a noise made both Krissy and her client freeze. They heard the clanking of dishes and the sound of silverware on glass! Krissy glanced at her client as they hesitantly made their way back to the kitchen. Alone in the home, they couldn’t think of anything which could have been making all that noise. 

Upon entering the kitchen, a shiver went down her spine; one of the place settings was now amiss. The napkin had been unfolded and the silverware, that had been so neatly placed on the table, now rested on the plate. It was almost as if she and her client had interrupted someone in the middle of their lunch. With no desire to experience any more hauntings for that day, Krissy and her client quickly made their way out of the home.

Krissy isn’t alone in these experiences. She has had clients tell her about spirits that have followed them home. These clients have experienced many unexplainable events like exploding candle jars and flickering lights. While viewings can leave an impression it may not always be in a good way.