Agency News and AwardsHaunted Homes- Tales from a Realtor October 20, 2022

Haunted Homes: Barbara Tesa’s tale from Clinton Road

Barbara Tesa shares her frightening experience on New Jersey’s Clinton Road.

Clinton Road is located in West Milford New Jersey, and became famous for being one of America’s most Haunted Highways. This 10-mile stretch is home to many paranormal experiences, hair-raising folklore, and even true crime stories. Aside from that, being surrounded by a dense forest and with extremely limited cell phone service, Clinton Road can make anyone feel uneasy…

A road filled with hauntings

It was a rainy October evening and Barbara was on her way to meet clients at a home they wanted to view. Due to the rain causing traffic delays, Barbara was running a few minutes late. She decided to call her clients to notify them of her delay but they had hesitation in going into the home. Barbara insisted they wait just a little longer for her to arrive; they agreed. 

Barbara began to feel uneasy. The rain started to come down in buckets and the road began to narrow; she was surrounded by dense woods to the right and what appeared to be a pond on the left. 

As the rain came down harder, Barbara needed to slow down to be able to see out her windshield. Up ahead she saw a couple on a tandem bicycle, as she approached them she was able to see they were dressed in clothes from an era well behind us. She thought to herself “They must be going to a Halloween party somewhere close by but how strange to be out in this weather.”

A moment later she came upon a vehicle stopped on the side of the road. A man was standing there with his foot propped up against his Jeep, wearing a cowboy hat while smoking a cigarette. It was almost as if he was enjoying the scenery on a beautiful sunny fall day. 

Up ahead, a man appeared on the left side of the road. He was standing in front of his motorcycle with his helmet resting on the seat. Again, enjoying the day as if the rain had no effect on him. 

Barbara called her clients to let them know she was only seconds away. They told her they were no longer interested in the home because the area gave them an eerie feeling. Barbara notified the listing agent to let her know they would not be viewing this home and to make the owner aware. 

Barbara decided to make a K-Turn in the road to head back towards the highway; the road was so narrow it became a disheartening task. The rain continued to come down and her heart began to race.  Barbara called her husband to ease her uncomfortable feeling, and he remained on the phone until she made it back to the main road. She told her husband about the strange occurrences that she had seen and yet, moments later after turning around, the man by his motorcycle, the man with the cowboy hat, and the couple on a tandem bicycle had all disappeared. 

When Barbara got home she spoke with the seller’s agent who suggested she look up “Clinton Road in West Milford NJ”.  Barbara gasped at what she read; apparently what she had seen were APPARITIONS; Ghosts of the past!  

This is a true story based on the experience of Barbara Tesa. 

A Spine Chilling Story

An experience like that is sure to give you goosebumps for years to come. A quick google search will show hundreds of other stories similar to Barbaras, perhaps you even have your own. If you’ve never visited Clinton Road would you be brave enough to?