Agency News and Awards February 12, 2018

Green Team Awards Ceremony for 2017

Geoff Green takes the name of his company, the Green Team, quite seriously.  Being an agent here is all about being part of a team.  It’s about perfecting your craft, providing consummate service to each and every client.  Also, it’s about providing support to your team mates. Furthermore, it’s about reaching for and achieving goals.   At the Green Team Awards Ceremony, those goals were recognized.  On January 26, 2018 the Green Team family came together to celebrate a very good year.   2017 saw many agents not only succeed in their goals, but surpass them.  As a result,  Geoff presented the framed certificates with pride.

Geoff was asked how it felt to have so many of his agent’s reach various levels of success.  “I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude,” he replied.   After starting this company 13 years ago, Geoff is seeing his goals surpassed by people he deeply cares about.  One of the things that he loves about this business is its ability to help improve, even change, lives.  And knowing that he has had a part in creating the training, the support, the vehicle and the opportunity for change means everything.   Because, above all, this business is about people.

Awards were presented at Albert Wisner Library, followed by a Post Awards Ceremony Celebration hosted by Jeremy Miller of First Home Bank at the Historic Warwick Inn.

Presentation of awards was by category.

And the Green Team’s First MVP Award, for $10+ Million in Sales Volume, Goes To…

Finally someone broke Geoff Green’s record of $10 Million in sales in a year, and he couldn’t have been happier or prouder.  When Geoff first met Jennifer DiCostanzo, he told her that he saw her as becoming the #1 Agent in all of Orange County, not merely in the Green Team. When asked about how she felt on achieving over $10 Million in sales in 2017,  Jen replied… “Rewarded.”   “Humbled, honored to be recognized for all the hard work and long hours I put in.  This is something you don’t take lightly.  The numbers don’t mean everything.    You need tunnel vision; just focus on meeting the expectations and needs of your clients.  That is ultimately the goal, and in the end, everyone wins.”    Jen is excited to have raised the bar, both for herself and for her fellow Green Team associates.

Jen lovingly acknowledges the support and contributions of her family. She couldn’t have done this without them. They’re a team, organizing and having flexibility because of her often erratic schedule and long work hours.    Her recipe for success?  When you are given an opportunity, determination, hard work, keeping current, and keeping steady will keep you on track.  “When you love what you do,” says Jen, “it’s not work.  I can’t imagine doing anything other than Real Estate.”

In addition to the very special MVP Award, Jen was awarded Yearly Sale Leader for 2017 and Citizen of the Year, for her outstanding contributions to our local community.  In the middle photo, Jen and Vernon Yearly Sales Award Winner, Keren Gonen, happily display their awards.



And It’s Another Triple Win…

In the Vernon office, Keren Gonen scored a triple play.   In addition to being Yearly Sales Leader for 2017, Keren was voted Team Player and Citizen of the Year by her coworkers.  What makes this all even more special is that this was Keren’s first year as an agent.   Furthermore, to Geoff Green, Keren is a shining star, a remarkable sales person with tenacity and drive to be at the top.  Keren truly believes that where a person lives has a big impact on their happiness.  Therefore, she loves helping her clients, whether they are buying or selling, achieve their goals and enhance balance and happiness in their lives.  She dedicates herself to providing them with the best real estate experience possible.   In real estate, Keren has found her balance and happiness.  And, in the Green Team, a new home.

 Momentum Builder Award

This is a very special award for the Green Team Sales Associate who has created the most positive and consistent momentum in their professional career.  The nominee has had the same impetus reflected in many aspects of their professional career, and in their personal life.  This year,  Tammy Scotto was honored and moved the ceremony attendees with her story and words of inspiration.





The Captain’s Club

The Captain’s Club is one of the ways that Geoff recognizes and rewards the members of his team who have achieved a certain level of success in their business.  Agents who have achieved a sales volume of $3 Million or more are acknowledged.   There are benefits that go along with getting to this level.  According to Geoff, it’s about more than sales volume.  It is about showing that you have what it takes to be the captain of a team.

Captain’s Club – Warwick

From left to right:  Dean Diltz, Angela Murphy, June Cosgrove-Hayes, Pip Klein, Tammy Scotto and Vikki Garby.  Not shown in photo: Chris KimiecikNancy Sardo, Denise Schmidt and Lucyann Tinnirello .







Captain’s Club – Vernon





From left to right:  Barbara Tesa, Charles Nagy and Keren Gonen.



Top Producer Awards

Agents in this category reached over $2 Million in sales volume.

From Left to Right:  Linda VanDeweert and Terry Gavan of the Green Team Warwick Office proudly display their awards, as do Ted Van Laar and Joyce Rogers of the Vernon office.  (Not Shown in Photo:  Stacy Springer, Vernon office)









And last, but definitely not least… 

The Warwick office selected Donna Roberts as its Team Player of 2017.  Donna is the person who is there for everyone, doing everything.  She keeps the agents and the offices running smoothly.  And, she did a remarkable job coordinating this event.  Thank you, Donna!







Looking forward to another great year!