Housing Market News September 15, 2016

How a “Green” house can save you money while protecting the environment


Energy Star

How a “Green” house can save you money while protecting the environment.  When we think about going green, we usually mean protecting the environment. But a green or environmentally sound home can also save the green in your checking account. 

The bottom line is you can save money by building a green-friendly house or making energy saving improvements to your home. And it’s not rocket science.

First of all, if you’re building, think carefully about all the empty space you may not need.

A smaller home is easier and less expensive to heat in winter or cool in summer. And, if it’s at all possible, select a site and face the house and the majority of the windows to get the most benefit from the sun in winter. Also, don’t forget that proper insulation is one of the most important considerations for reducing energy consumption along with fuel and electric bills. 

If you’re already living in your home and how it faces the sun is not an option, there are other solutions. 

Savings in fuel or electric power can help pay for the latest energy efficient windows such as those labeled “Energy Star.” And if you have wall to wall glass facing a deck and a great view, an awning will reduce the need for maximum air conditioning. 

Solar energy, somewhat expensive at first, will also result in long-term savings. And there may be government grants, incentives and tax breaks to make that happen much sooner. 

Less costly are energy efficient light bulbs along with simple green ideas like using the water from a rain barrel to water plants and the like. 

The Internet is filled with more suggestions and the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA) will provide a free or reduced cost energy audit. Visit www.nyserda.ny.gov/residential