Agency News and Awards February 16, 2019

Geoff and Joe Green – Son & Father Together Again

Forty years after founding his own brokerage, Joe Green has joined his son’s company.  And father and son are a force to be reckoned with.

In Orange County, NY the name Green is synonymous with Real Estate.  Furthermore, it is associated with exceptional client service. Joseph Green Realtor was founded in 1978, and 27 years later that’s where Geoff Green began his career.  That’s where Geoff learned from some of the best in the business – his mom and dad, Marie Pennings and Joe Green.

Eventually Geoff did what kids do.  He decided to spread his wings. And in 2005, Geoff founded Green Team New York Realty.

Meet Joe Green

Joe didn’t start out wanting to be in the real estate business.  Rather, his goal was to teach. He taught physical education and coached football in Warwick.  His wife, Marie, was a registered, part-time nurse.

Joe loved what he was doing, but back in 1974 a teacher’s salary wasn’t enough to support a family with 5 kids.   Since he needed to supplement his income, Joe saw real estate as a way to make extra money if he worked hard at it

Finding His Calling

However, once he got into it, he discovered he’d found his calling.  Because it wasn’t just about making more money. It was about meeting new people, and the adventure that came with each unique transaction. Maybe the most important aspect was that helping people was becoming emotionally rewarding.  Marie also got her license, and real estate became a family affair.

In 1980, Joe and Marie decided it was time to go into real estate full-time. They purchased the building at 7 Main Street in Warwick.  In 1982 they bought a building in Goshen and opened their 2nd office. Finally, they expanded into Washingtonville.

Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans

When Geoff was in the third grade, everything changed.   Joe and Marie divorced, and the children went to live with their mom. While divorce is hard for the parents, it is also difficult for the children.  

But life goes on, even when families are divided.  Joe continued to build his real estate business, but found that divorce wasn’t the only hardship.  In 1987 the housing market tanked, and they had to downsize. Marie took over the Warwick office. Joe closed down the Washingtonville office and kept the Goshen office. Despite all of the hardships Joe persisted.

Experience that spans decades

Joe has been in this ever-changing profession for over 40 years.  Back in 1974, when Joe first started practicing, everything was open listing. Clients would call several brokers and they’d all be in direct competition with each other.  Then MLS came along and exclusive right to sell became the norm. One brokerage firm tried to impress Joe with the latest in technology, which would change the way business was done. And so, Joe received his introduction to the fax machine.

However, it’s the experience that counts.   And Joe and his team provided a full complement of real estate services. That included residential, commercial, land, farm and ranch sales, investment sales, leasing, property management, residential appraising, financial and legal referral services, and relocation services.  They covered Orange, Rockland, Westchester, Sullivan and Ulster Counties. Furthermore, his expertise and vision helped to safely guide his clients through some very difficult economic cycles.

Change in the Air

In 2013 Joe decided to shut down the Goshen office and moved his Agency to Chester.  However, he began to see that the key to a successful brokerage was technology. And his son was a master at using technology to grow his business.  When Geoff opened his own office in 2005, at the 7 Main Street location, Joe couldn’t have been prouder or more excited.

And through the years, he saw what was happening at the Green Team.  Technology was enhancing the way brokers worked. Consequently, Joe decided that it was time to join forces with his son and combine the best of both worlds.  Each man brings incredible experience and expertise. Together, there is no stopping them.

And Joe doesn’t come to the Green Team alone.  He brings with him three of his best agents. Cam Monaco has been with Joe for 30 years.  While Krissy Many is newer to the business, she’s a powerhouse. And Vilma Lawla is also excited to be part of the Green Team.

The Future Looks Bright

Joe looks forward to sharing his knowledge. His advice?  “Every day you can learn something new. Be like a sponge.  Do it your way. Don’t copy but learn from everyone else. Experience can help some of the more inexperienced.”  And Joe hopes that his years of experience will help newer agents.

Geoff is excited about having his dad join the firm, “I can’t explain how blessed I feel that Pop is now part of our Agency.  It’s amazing to not only see him around the office, but to watch him doing what he does best: sharing his wisdom. Pop is one of the most experienced Real Estate Brokers I know.  It’s a simple fact that our Agency just got a lot better as a result of Pop deciding to come on board with the Green Team.”

The two men respect each other and their individual contributions to the industry and their community. They look forward to combining over 50 years of experience and forging a new beginning.  They are indeed a force to be reckoned with.