Agency News and Awards February 28, 2019

Green Team’s 2019 Launch Competition has blasted off!

GT 2019 Launch Logo


Green Team’s 2019 Launch Competition has blasted off.  And it looks like this year’s teams are all on board for an exciting ride!

The Launch Competition is about inspiring sales associates to get back to basics, enhancing those skills that lead to the exceptional client service the Green Team is known for. During this yearly event, associates compete individually and on teams. And  Team Captains lead the way, motivating and training team members to best utilize the Green Team’s custom-designed customer relationship management system, or CRM.

Meet the Teams


Launch 2019 Team

The Masterminds, Warwick, NY Office

Angela Murphy returns again as Launch Team Captain. The team’s goal is to utilize the CRM during the competition, as well as throughout the year for a more organized business. According to Angela, “We have an energetic and supportive team and we truly enjoy each other as team mates.”

Mastermind Team Members include:  Anthony Ajello; Al Beers; Janine Blandino; Carol Buchanan; June Cosgrove-Hays; Rich Czubak; Kristen DeRosso; Jennifer DiCostanzo; Barry Ferrari; Tom Folino; Karen Gauvin; Terry Gavan; Chris Gehrlein; Toni Kreusch; Vilma Lawla; Mary Lynch; Krissy Many; Connie Marines; Tiffany Megna; Angela Murphy; Nancy Sardo; Ed Sattler; Denise Schmidt; Susan Stinneford; Gidget Tavares; Lucyann Tinnirello; Bobby Valentine; Linda Vandeweert, and Nicole Willner.



Launch 2019

Rock’n’Roll, Warwick, NY Office

Kim Lesley stepped up to volunteer as Team Captain for this aptly named group. According to Kim, “Our strategy is to develop a feeling of support, fun and results!”

Rock’n’Roll Team Members include: Tracey Decker; Kasey Decker; Dean Diltz; Jason Gaer; Vikki Garby; Julianna Green; Joe Green; Anne Hemmer; James House; Rebecca Hundley; Chris Kimiciek; Megan Kimiciek; Pip Klein; Jacque Kraszewski; Kim Lesley; Cam Monaco; Jim Moser; Nick Nocosia; Alan Norberg; Alyson Pulliam; Jane Reilly; Walter Ross; Cynthia Sanford; Tammy Scotto; Tom Shields; Janet Sutherland; Toni Vogel, and Ali Yurchuck.



Launch 2019

Gonen’s Greenies, Vernon, NJ Office

Keren Gonen is another returning Team Captain.  Their team strategy is to work together to make it happen.  And Keren’s team motto is “There is no TRY. There is only DO!”

Gonen’s Greenies Team Members include: Keren Gonen; Alison Miller; Charlie Nagy; Marissa Rossi; Yvette Saldana; Stacey Springer; Barbara Tesa; Ted Van Laar and Pam Zachowski.


Launch 2019

Witte’s Wonders, Vernon, NJ Office

Cathie Witte has also volunteered to be a Team Captain. Her team strategy is simple, “Just encouraging each other.”

Witte’s Wonders Team Members include: Jaime Dalton; Heidi Hyland; Jared Kunish; Kim Lasalandra; Sheena Masters; Ann Nussberger; Joyce Rogers; Cathie Witte and Sharon O’Roarke.