Agency News and Awards April 28, 2023

Servpro visits our BHGRE Green Team Goshen Office

Creating Connections and Friends 

Building strong business connections is essential for realtors. These connections allow you to provide your clients with the best recommendations and solutions for their needs. That’s why our Broker-Manager Krissy Many invited SERVPRO of North Orange County to our New Goshen office for a visit and a delicious lunch.

Lunch was not only enjoyable but also provided a valuable opportunity for both teams to get to know each other. Afterward, Brittany, the co-owner of Servpro shared with us the services they can provide to benefit our clients. 

Servpro offers a wide range of services for both commercial and residential clients. Their free emergency manual for commercial clients is a great resource that can help ensure the safety of employees and customers in the event of an emergency.

On the residential side, their services for water damage, leaks, storm damage, fire restoration, mold remediation, vent cleaning, bio-hazard clean up, deep cleaning and trash-outs can help homeowners deal with a variety of issues that can arise in their homes.

Furthermore, Servpro is a local family-owned franchise started by Brittany’s parents. Following their retirement, She and her sister took over and are continuing to carry on the great service their parents started. Servpro is a company that values quality and customer satisfaction. Having Brittany and her sister at the helm ensures that this tradition will continue for years to come.

According to Krissy, 

“I have known Brittany for 10 years and wouldn’t hesitate to call her with any questions. She is a source of info for our clients with many networking contacts that she is willing to share when you need to find the right vendor or professional.” 


It’s clear that Servpro is a reliable and trustworthy company that can help both commercial and residential clients with a variety of needs. We are so happy to have gotten the opportunity to get to know more about them and we look forward to sharing their skills with our future clients.