Agency News and Awards May 1, 2023

Rick Harrison joins Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Green Team

Rick Harrison brings his Real Estate Experience, Competitiveness, and Humor to BHGRE Green Team

Richard “Rick” Harrison attended the University of Arkansas with a major in Business Administration. For eighteen years, before becoming a real estate agent, Rick was a professional tennis coach. 

About Rick

Rick has lived in Vernon since 2003.  He spends his weekdays doing real estate, working out, playing golf, and being Adam’s dad; he pretty much spends his weekends doing the same. Rick is a huge sports fan and loves the Razorbacks. An athlete his whole life, Rick still plays golf, tennis, basketball, and baseball; you’ll often see him working out at Minerals or running at Maple Grange Park. 

Rick Harrison in Real Estate

Rick decided to pivot his career, four years ago, when he entered into Real Estate. When asked why he decided to switch paths?  he said, “I knew I would be good at it and I didn’t want to have a real job anymore.”  Joking aside, the real estate world is extremely competitive, yet in the four years he has been in business, Rick’s numbers prove how devoted he is to his clients. 

Rick Harrison is happy to help with any of your real estate needs; when it comes to golf, he’s good to have in your foursome and he usually picks up the check.

It is no doubt that a realtor with Rick’s innate competitive sportsmanship and experience will be an unbeatable asset to every client that he meets.