Agency News and AwardsHaunted Homes- Tales from a Realtor October 27, 2022

Haunted Homes: Barbara Matchett’s Story

Barbara Matchett always loves a good ghost story.

Today she shares a chilling experience she had in August of this year.  

When Barbara’s son and his wife were ready to buy their home, who better to help them accomplish this than Barbara? After seeing the listing for a home with lots of potential right in Wantage New Jersey, of course they had to see it. 

Barbara arrived early and decided to wait outside for her son and daughter-in-law before entering the home. While she was standing there alone, chills began to creep up her arms and she could feel a grim energy oozing from this house. She has shown many houses throughout her real estate career but has never felt something like this before. 

It was a relief to Barbara when she saw her son and his wife pull up in front of the house. She was conflicted about whether or not she wanted to share this feeling with them. Barbara didn’t want to discourage them from this home if it was only her mind playing tricks on her.

As they got out of their car and walked towards her, she ultimately decided it was best to say something. Barbara opened her mouth to tell them about the eerie feeling she had but her son spoke before she could. 

“What’s up with this house?” He asked her “There’s a really weird feeling here that’s making me uneasy.” Barbara was shocked and a little relieved that he was feeling the same energy as she was.  

Despite how creeped out they were by the home they decided to tour it anyway. They had already made the trip and didn’t want to waste it. 

As soon as they entered the home the feeling of dread got worse. Barbara could feel the air inside the home was heavy and full of sadness and despair. There was no doubt in her mind that, at some point, something horrible had happened in this house. At the time of their viewing, the house was completely vacant. Barbara couldn’t help but wonder if the previous owners left because of the same feelings they were experiencing now. 

The haunting feeling of this house made the three of them wrap up the showing rather quickly. It wasn’t a surprise to Barbara when her son and his wife decided that this was definitely not the home for them.

People say homes can hold onto energy long after their previous occupants have moved on. Could this have been what Barbara and her family experienced on that day? If you want to read more creepy experiences from our agents take a look at Krissy Many and Barbara Tesa’s stories.