Selling a Home January 31, 2017

The best advice on how to sell your home is to think like a retailer …

The best advice on how to sell your home is to think like a retailer.  First of all, what catches your eye about your favorite store?  Is it the trendy clothing so artfully displayed in the window?  Does that draw you in?  Here is where you need to think curb appeal.   I have had several buyers who have met me at a home and have refused to go in based on the “feeling’ they get from the outside.

Create Ambiance

Secondly, you need to create ambiance or a mood inside as well.  What is the ambiance of your favorite cafe or store in town?  How do they use lighting, color and furniture placement to create that ambiance (of course you don’t want your house looking like a coffee shop but you get the idea). You might not mind walking around the big oversize chair in the living room but it will give buyers the impression that the space is too small and cramped.  Edit pieces of furniture to create better flow, leave the lights on if at all possible, and create a neutral color palette so buyers can see the details of your home and not your stuff.

Make It Beautiful

Lastly, retailers spend a good amount of time and money to draw you in and keep you there.  They are trying to appeal to the masses and so should you. Most of us have a few unfinished projects like paint touch up, garden beds that need to be tended to and garages that need to be organized. I  heard a statistic the other day when I was listen to Dave Ramsey and he said the return on investment of “fix-up dollars” is enormous when selling your home, especially when you spend $1000 or less.  Think about how much paint (the best and most inexpensive way to update your home) and landscaping you could buy.  Want some additional ideas of where else you could make improvements, see my previous post @