Agency News and Awards September 8, 2022

Agent Spotlight on Tammy Scotto

“It will all work out in the end”

Tammy Scotto is a big believer that even when there are some bumps in the road throughout a transaction, it will all work out in the end. 

Having many players at the table throughout a deal can sometimes be challenging but staying on top of everything can definitely contribute to a smoother transaction.

What separates Tammy from other realtors is her communication and responsiveness to clients. She is big on communication; whether there is information to be relayed or a period of time while under contract she always keeps the line of communication open.

23 Years and Still going strong!

Tammy obtained two licenses in 1999; her real estate license and her marriage license. She is happy to report that both are still thriving. Tammy initially became a real estate agent as she had always had a passion for sales and working with people. With her marriage and the thought of children on the horizon, she knew this career enabled her to be a stay-at-home mom while working part-time. As her children grew, so did her business moving into full-time real estate.

Now with two children off to college, she has ample time to dedicate to her clients. Tammy works long days and always tries to be available for calls, from early morning right through after dinner time. Regardless of whether a client is buying or selling, it’s stressful; Tammy feels that having the ability to connect with her clients and answer questions or concerns as they arise is “priceless” and helps ease their worries.

A memorable deal.

When Tammy was asked about her most memorable real estate transaction this is what she told us:

“I recently worked with a single woman moving to Warwick from another area. We met during the summer of 2020, in the midst of covid, with a home price range of $350-450K. When we finally found a home, we had inspections done and it turned out there were structural concerns that made her uncomfortable with moving forward. My client then saw a house for 700K and asked me to show it to her. She wound up closing on that home and said to me ” See what happens when you double your budget?””

-Tammy Scotto

Pride in her work.

Tammy is proud to be able to say that each year her sales volume grows. She loves to set goals for herself every year and while she might not hit every goal, each one helps her improve her business. Tammy has her CIREC (Commercial & Investment Real Estate Certification) and while she may not have one specific specialty she does work a lot with first-time home buyers as well as many sellers. Tammy has lived in Orange County her entire life and has a vast knowledge of the Greenwood Lake and Warwick areas as well as the surrounding towns. Working with an agent who knows the area as well as Tammy does comes as a huge advantage.

While Tammy has been in the business for over 23 years she attributes the success of her current business to all the training and support given by Geoff Green. Now that we are affiliated with Better Homes & Gardens she is excited to grow her business even further.