Buying a home February 23, 2017

Warwick Real Estate … the Real Monopoly Game and How to Win

win-the-market-monopoly-styleWarwick Real Estate … the Real Monopoly Game and How to Win. Our local real estate market has no doubt been challenging.  There are limited properties available to buy. There are more buyers ready, willing and able to purchase residential real estate in our area.   Strategic moves that rival the board game Monopoly are required. Just like the board game, there are only so many homes available.  Furthermore, success often depends on the luck of the dice.   Boardwalk and Park Place properties will always be prime real estate.  Hence, savvy buyers will have their eye on the board, waiting for these properties to become available. Regardless of location and price,  buyers are eagerly waiting to buy your St.Charles Place or Illinois and Atlantic  Avenues   Home buyers of all price ranges are circling the board, strategizing, ready to buy after exhausting the current inventory.

In Real Estate, The Game is the Same

Each time a  buyer is out looking for that ideal home and doesn’t find it, they get a few more turns to pass GO  and Collect  $200 dollars.   So, every time they do this they are saving additional money for their down payment just waiting to purchase  “St James Place”, “Marvin Gardens”  and “Pacific Ave” to come available. Builders and investors are also key players in seeking properties such properties as new construction is on the rise with a healthy return of buyer interest and activity with affordable prices as seen here in Warwick.

Regardless if you’re new to the housing market or a seasoned player, the game is the same.  There are just different players and buyer interests. The bank will always have the money. Taxes and insurance are always owed. Buyers will continue to buy, and property owners will eventually sell.    It’s all about timing the market to your personal needs and strategizing opportunities that present themselves, not overlooking possibilities in this limited market by not being prepared to make an offer before the next player bumps you.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

If you’re currently selling real estate or about to enter the market,  strike while the  IRON is hot, don’t easily dismiss the THIMBLE or kick the SHOE while waiting for the RACECAR or TOP HAT that are coming on the board that may not land on your property.   Most of all, it shouldn’t take a  BATTLESHIP to sell your property in today’s  market if price matches condition and other market factors appropriately.

Buyers will take a CHANCE and are ready to pass GO with another roll of the dice to own real estate.  A trusted advisor will be your  Realtor.  Experience is the advantage in buying/selling and knowing how to navigate and strategically work the board (market)  to your advantage, working with the money the bank (lender) has approved you for and each roll of the dice.

Warwick Real Estate