Selling a Home May 22, 2017

May the Forces Be With You…

Months Inventory of Homes for sale

Months Inventory of Homes for Sale from 2011 – Today

Thinking about selling your home?   We have some information that will help to sell your home quickly There are two forces that can have very real impact on getting your house sold.  The first force?  The market itself, with its demand for homes and the shortage of inventory!  The second force?   Working with an experienced and successful sales professional.  These two forces combined can result in quick results, multiple bids and getting your asking price.  While these results have been pretty rare in the housing market, we just saw 3 success stories with just these results in just 2 months!   Jen DiCostanzo and Vikky Garby, both agents here at Green Team Home Selling System, put these forces into play and made three sellers – and three buyers – very happy!

One Street, Two Sales, Two Months!

It is not often we see this kind of success.  But for Jen DiCostanzo, 2016 Sales Leader of the Year, it doesn’t seem unusual at all.  The first home was a raised ranch at 10 Sutherland Drive in the Village of Monroe. In beautiful, move-in ready condition, the house was located in an area great for commuting to NYC, and in close proximity to stores and restaurants. The home went to contract in less than 60 days after being on the market, and sold for 98% of its list price just 2 months after that!

The Second Home Goes on the Market!

Just days before 10 Sutherland Drive closed, 8 Sutherland Drive was put on the market.  There was high buyer interest for this 4 bedroom/2 bath raised ranch, in the same ideal location.  Multiple offers were made on this lovely, move-in ready home.   It went to contract in less than a month, and closed one month later, at full asking price!  

Success Breeds Success!

It is said that success breeds success.  People do notice when a home in their neighborhood sells quickly.  When they see an agent who is focused, attentive, and gets the job done!   Of course it is not often that next door neighbors decide to sell their homes at around the same time.  However, when someone in the neighborhood of Sutherland Drive does decide to sell, the tale of one street, two sales, two months is likely to be remembered! 

Homes Sells in two days

Happy home owners – Sold their home in just two days

Low Inventory, Right Price Point.  Bingo!

For the seller of 9 Emily Court, all the forces were aligned for an amazing sale.  Working with Vikki Garby, with her background in investment banking and real estate investment, they were in good hands. The home was listed on a Sunday night.  The very next day there were 9 showings, and there was an accepted offer above asking price on day 2!  According to Vikki, there is extremely low inventory in the price range of $300k-$350k.  By listing the house midway, it was at a very desirable price point.  This story has a very happy ending.  The house went to contract at 20 days, sold for $10,000 above asking price, and the new family is enjoying their home.

There are a few other forces in play…

In each sale above, the home was neat, decluttered, and depersonalized.  Of course, location, proximity to stores, schools, etc. also play roles in the desirability of a home.  Your Real Estate Agent will advise you on things you can do to ready your home for sale.  And you have the power to make decisions and take actions that will make the force work for you!  Choosing the right Real Estate Agent, one who is knowledgeable, experienced and there for you, is the first decision you’ll make. And perhaps the most important!  Then listing your home at the right price point, as suggested by your Agent.  Of course, taking care of the things around your house that will make it show well, can make a difference.   You are a team, working together in a market that can work for you!    May the forces be with you!