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Sometimes the grass truly is 'Green'er.


We Take Care Of Our Agents


At Better Homes and Garden Real Estate Green Team, we have professionals working to help our Sales Agents.


Each and every day trained professionals assist our Agents  in becoming the best that they can be. 


    • Agent Service Managers (ASM) handle a myriad of essential tasks and details. From paperwork to marketing, our ASM's assist all of our agents. 


    • Broker Managers offer support to help with details involved in successful transactions.


    • Our in-house marketing team delivers the training and tools to generate leads and build great Agent brands.


Together, our team combines creativity and know-how to promote our Sales Agents. 

Commission Splits

A Real Estate Brokerage is only as good as the Sales Associates who work there and that’s why it’s the central focus of our commission plan.

CAP Program

After a Sales Associate contributes the set amount to the Company Dollar out of their commission splits in any calendar year, that Sales Associate will then receive 100% of all Gross Commission Income earned for the remainder of that calendar year. Please note that in the event Sales Associate still owes BAC of MFC for such calendar year, these amounts would be the responsibility of the Sales Associate

Additional Revenue 

Sales Associate Mentor Program

Commission for Life


Training is one of the cornerstones necessary for achieving excellence in the real estate industry. Green Team  is unique in its commitment to the continuing training and education of its Sales Associates.  Additionally, unmatched administrative and marketing support allow them to deliver the most attentive, efficient and results-oriented customer service. No other real estate agency in the nation provides its Sales Associates with as much behind-the-scenes support, allowing them to focus on their clients and the growth of their business.


Hear what BHGRE Green Team’s real estate professionals have to say about our social media training.

Join Our Team
Join Our Team


Our company’s culture isn’t something that just developed over time. It was purposely created by leaders who understand how to build excellent working environments. Our team feels part of something bigger while sharing a set of core values.

It’s not just about being successful, it’s about doing things the right way, empowering people and building a solid foundation within a supportive environment.


As Geoff Green likes to say, “We are innovative and not reactive when it comes to technology.”

BHGRE Green Team  provides agents with innovative tools and services that are well maintained and constantly enhanced to help grow their business. Our unrivaled technology allows our Agents to create and respond, manage, and grow their business anywhere, any time. All-inclusive smart CRM platform, “end-to-end” transaction management software, dynamic lead routing, on-demand suite of information, and digital marketing materials are all at the Agent’s fingertips.

Commissions for Life

Recruit & Earn

When you recruit a new agent to join BHGRE® Green Team, you will earn 5% of the company dollar generated by your recruit.

This 5% commission is for life, meaning as long as both you and your recruit hold your licenses with BHGRE® Green Team, you will continue to benefit from this incentive. This includes if you hold your license with our referral company, Green Team Referral Realty.

  • PASSIVE INCOME: This program creates an opportunity for agents to earn a continuous stream of income. It’s a powerful way to supplement your earnings with minimal additional effort or plan for retirement.
  • INCENTIVE TO GROW: By bringing talented new agents into our family, you not only strengthen our team but also secure a lasting financial benefit for yourself.
  • MUTUAL SUCCESS: Our success is interconnected. This program encourages agents to actively participate in the growth and success of their peers, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment.
  • VALUING CONTRIBUTIONS: The “Commissions for Life” program is our way of recognizing and appreciating the vital role our agents play in expanding and enriching BHGRE® Green Team.

It truly is Greener at the Green Team but don't just take our work for it. Listen to what our agents have to say:

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