Agency News and Awards February 7, 2017

Lucyann Tinnirello 2016 Momentum Builder of the Year

Momentum BuilderWhen Geoff Green told me I was being awarded the 2016 Momentum Builder of the Year Award and that he would like me to speak at our Awards Ceremony, I was thrilled but didn’t know where to begin.  My research revealed that momentum means force and speed of an object through circumstances, kinda like us going through the different times of our lives.

February 26th, 2012 life as I know it was forever changed, I stood devastated and alone, really alone, my husband Johnny, my childhood sweetheart, best friend, lover, right arm, confidant was gone.  I thought to myself, this was not supposed to happen, not now, not yet.  We had much more to do together. But God had a different plan for us.  My husband was gone, you know that saying “We plan and God laughs”, well it became my reality.  From that day on I was just going through the motions, I was totally numb, he was not coming back.  I tried everything to move on I even went to a bereavement group.  Once there a man stood up, who had just lost his wife, and he said to me, “take baby steps and remember there is no right or wrong way to grieve it’s what works for you”.  His words stayed with me, although I could not use them right then, I kept them close.  

I was miserable, hard to be around, I didn’t even like me. So can you imagine what I did to others especially my children who were in their own pain losing their father whom they adored, I was a mess and they were frustrated with me and I wouldn’t listen?  In my heart, I knew that everyone cared, but I didn’t.  Heading down the road to destruction, poor health, poor finances and getting worse.

Lucyann TinnirelloOne day my son said to me “Mom we need you to get a grip, we don’t want to lose you too.  We need you to get healthy and come back to us, your grandchildren need you even more now.   I love my children more than life but the magic word was grandchildren. Realizing they were the only ones that put a smile on my face.  I started thinking my grandchildren complete the circle of love Johnny and I created.  I realized that he is still with me every day, in their smiles, gestures, and the fun that we have together.  Now instead of tears I think of all the wonderful memories Johnny and created with our children and grandchildren this is what pulled me through.

Today I am addressing my health, my finances, and my relationships, I still have more to do but again baby steps.  I now choose happily! So don’t forget to take time out to create memories with your loved ones because memories are more important than the material things in life.

Real estate what can I say, I love it, I must, being in it for 33 years.  For my momentum and what a few things that I have learned along the way:

  • WIN: What’s Important Now.  
  • It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.
  • Hoping and wishing are excuses for not doing
  • There is no one way to know before experiencing.

I am so happy to be part of this amazing team, The Green Team!  Thank you for the wonderful support I receive on a daily basis from some very special people in our office; A special thank you to Geoff Green for all of his support especially through these difficult past five years.   Thank you to Theresa Russo, Donna Roberts & Amy Green you are a delight to work with, your smiles are catching, and I so appreciate your patience with this BC (Before computer person ), Dylan Czubak thank you for not laughing at my endless computer questions and last but not least Linda VanDeWeert god took Johnny, then put you in my path.  I cherish our friendship, your honesty and caring means a lot to me. 

I humbly accept this award….I couldn’t help but realize I am not lucky I am blessed.