Green Team’s 2019 Launch Competition has blasted off!

Green Team’s 2019 Launch Competition has blasted off!

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Green Team’s 2019 Launch Competition has blasted off.  And it looks like this year’s teams are all on board for an exciting ride!

The Launch Competition is about inspiring sales associates to get back to basics, enhancing those skills that lead to the exceptional client service the Green Team is known for. During this yearly event, associates compete individually and on teams. And  Team Captains lead the way, motivating and training team members to best utilize the Green Team’s custom-designed customer relationship management system, or CRM.

Meet the Teams


Launch 2019 Team

The Masterminds, Warwick, NY Office

Angela Murphy returns again as Launch Team Captain. The team’s goal is to utilize the CRM during the competition, as well as throughout the year for a more organized business. According to Angela, “We have an energetic and supportive team and we truly enjoy each other as team mates.”

Mastermind Team Members include:  Anthony Ajello; Al Beers; Janine Blandino; Carol Buchanan; June Cosgrove-Hays; Rich Czubak; Kristen DeRosso; Jennifer DiCostanzo; Barry Ferrari; Tom Folino; Karen Gauvin; Terry Gavan; Chris Gehrlein; Toni Kreusch; Vilma Lawla; Mary Lynch; Krissy Many; Connie Marines; Tiffany Megna; Angela Murphy; Nancy Sardo; Ed Sattler; Denise Schmidt; Susan Stinneford; Gidget Tavares; Lucyann Tinnirello; Bobby Valentine; Linda Vandeweert, and Nicole Willner.



Launch 2019

Rock’n’Roll, Warwick, NY Office

Kim Lesley stepped up to volunteer as Team Captain for this aptly named group. According to Kim, “Our strategy is to develop a feeling of support, fun and results!”

Rock’n’Roll Team Members include: Tracey Decker; Kasey Decker; Dean Diltz; Jason Gaer; Vikki Garby; Julianna Green; Joe Green; Anne Hemmer; James House; Rebecca Hundley; Chris Kimiciek; Megan Kimiciek; Pip Klein; Jacque Kraszewski; Kim Lesley; Cam Monaco; Jim Moser; Nick Nocosia; Alan Norberg; Alyson Pulliam; Jane Reilly; Walter Ross; Cynthia Sanford; Tammy Scotto; Tom Shields; Janet Sutherland; Toni Vogel, and Ali Yurchuck.



Launch 2019

Gonen’s Greenies, Vernon, NJ Office

Keren Gonen is another returning Team Captain.  Their team strategy is to work together to make it happen.  And Keren’s team motto is “There is no TRY. There is only DO!”

Gonen’s Greenies Team Members include: Keren Gonen; Alison Miller; Charlie Nagy; Marissa Rossi; Yvette Saldana; Stacey Springer; Barbara Tesa; Ted Van Laar and Pam Zachowski.


Launch 2019

Witte’s Wonders, Vernon, NJ Office

Cathie Witte has also volunteered to be a Team Captain. Her team strategy is simple, “Just encouraging each other.”

Witte’s Wonders Team Members include: Jaime Dalton; Heidi Hyland; Jared Kunish; Kim Lasalandra; Sheena Masters; Ann Nussberger; Joyce Rogers; Cathie Witte and Sharon O’Roarke.


2019 Will Be a Great Year for Buyers AND Sellers

2019 Will Be a Great Year for Buyers AND Sellers

Many homeowners believe that rising interest rates and home prices have scared away buyers and therefore have not listed their houses for sale. However, the truth is that buyers who were unable to find a home last year are out in force, and there are even more coming!

NerdWallet’s 2018 Home Buyer Report revealed that:

“Approximately one-third (32%) of Americans plan to purchase a home in the next five years. Millennials are most likely to have such a purchase in their five-year plan (49%), versus 35% of Generation X and 17% of baby boomers.”

As we can see, buyers are optimistic! According to the report, here are the top reasons Americans plan to buy:

2019 Will Be a Great Year for Buyers AND Sellers | Simplifying The Market

The most common reason Americans prioritize buying is that they believe it’s a good investment!

If you’re a homeowner looking to sell, 2019 is the perfect year to put your house on the market. But why?

  1. Buyers want to buy
  2. No competition!

At least 3 of the renowned organizations that report on real estate market trends predict that homeowners are going to wait until 2020 to list their homes, leading to a nice increase in sales (as shown in the graph below).

ENG-2019 Will Be a Great Year for Buyers AND Sellers | Simplifying The Market

Don’t wait for a competitive market; be ahead of the curve and sell your house at the best possible price!

Bottom Line

There are plenty of buyers entering the market! Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a current homeowner looking to move-up to your next home, let’s get together to discuss your real estate needs!


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February 2019 Housing Market Update

February 2019 Housing Market Update

Green Team Realty’s February 2019 Housing Market Update went live on Facebook February 12 at 2 p.m.  If you were unable to view the webinar live, you can watch it at your convenience by clicking here.  Sign up for future updates here.

Meet this month’s panelists…







Moderating the Market Update is Geoffrey Green, President of Green Team Realty. In addition, Geoff presents national statistics as well as local updates for Orange County, NY and Sussex County, NJ.  This month he is joined by Jennifer DiCostanzo of Green Team New York Realty, Michael Giannetto of Residential Home Funding, and Keren Gonen of Green Team New Jersey Realty.

The National Perspective

According to Geoff, this time last year no one was really talking about a slowdown in the housing market. The conversation was more about how fast and how far everything would go. A few months later some chinks in the armor appeared.  And now we’re looking at national numbers, comparing 2018 to 2017, Sept – Dec, all below the year over year numbers from 2017.  The year over year drop by each region, 10.3% overall, 6.8 in the northeast, 15% in the west, etc., is also of interest.

A quote by Mike Fratantoni, chief economist for the MBA, is relevant:  “The spring home buying season is almost upon us, and if rates stay lower, inventory continues to grow, and the job market maintains its strength, we do expect to see a solid spring market.”  In Geoff’s experience,  this just seems to be a very slow moving market pace; unlike the fast paced ups and downs of the stock market.  From the perspective of number of units sold, we’re clearly trending down.  It seems that every region in the U.S. is on that same path.

Over the last 12 months, housing supply was in the red, meaning there was a lack of it. In June there was a turnaround, with more supply.  Some people are saying that transactions are going to catch up again, with more supply becoming available. However, Geoff is not entirely sure that is going to happen at this time. While he does believe there will be a strong market in 2019, the real debate is what is going to happen in 2020, 2021, 2022.

There was a period of time when rates were climbing, but now they are almost 1/2 a point lower than they were in October, November. The Fed is pledging to be patient with raising short term rates, as they’re seeing indicators of a potential recession on the horizon. They’re slowing down anticipated rate hikes which had been slated at the end of last year.

The Local Perspective – Orange and Sussex Counties

Units Sold

There is a lot to glean from the local stats, even as they play out on the national stage. In January, while the same as in 2018, it’s still higher than the previous four years. This is a good indicator.

In Sussex County, we’re just above 2016, but below 2017 and 2018, for the month of January.


Days on Market

This stat is an indicator of how fast things are moving.  In Orange County, January 2019 is the lowest it’s been for this month in five years.

In Sussex County,  the number of days on the market is tied for the lowest it’s been in five years.

Average Sales Price

As Geoff has mentioned in the monthly housing market updates, price lags activity.  Price appreciation should be seen throughout the first half of 2019, but he believes in the second half of the year, prices will start to come down.


The highest peak was in 2018.  January 2019 has the highest price for that month in the last five years.  In general, higher prices should bring out more sellers, which should create more inventory and allow more units to sell.

Asking to Sold Ratio

This is the ratio of  the last asking price versus where are homes selling. This shows on average how much sellers are having to negotiate off the price of their property.  This is the highest ratio for this month since 2014.

This number is strong in Sussex County as well as in Orange. The numbers are still showing a strong market.

And thanks to our Sponsor…

The Housing Market Update is sponsored by REALLY – a better, smarter, faster real estate referral network for Agents. Learn more at

Panel Discussion:

Geoff introduced Jennifer DiCostanzo of Green Team New York Realty, the top producer in the company. According to Jen, supply and demand are a real challenge. On the Orange County side, sellers are afraid to list because they have nowhere to go if they’re shopping in the same market.  If sellers are relocating, it’s easier for them to let go as they don’t have the same issues and can secure housing.  She is welcoming this market because she finds buyers to be more educated and sellers more realistic. Jen is hoping to see the market open up.

Keren Gonen of Green Team New Jersey is a regular panelist on the Housing Market Update. Her thoughts on the January sales numbers were that the totals were a reflection of inventory not being available. Sales were higher last year as there was more inventory to sell. It still is a seller’s market due to lack of inventory.  And there are several sellers on the fence, waiting to see what will happen in the near future. There is hope that these sellers will soon be listing.

According to Geoff, the lack of inventory is a real problem. Nationally and locally, seeing the numbers going down, it seems like less people are buying homes. There has been a lot of frustration for some trying to buy a home, and some may have rented when they couldn’t find anything. Some may now be locked into leases.

What will the market look like over the next few years?

Geoff asked Jen what she thinks the market will look like in 2020, 2021,2022 as far as pricing, activity…  She feels that we’re at a more stable point now; that it will not be quite as erratic.  After the last downturn, when prices finally started going up in 2016, 2017, it was a very poignant time. If you bought at the height of the market, you could actually sell and recoup equity. That is the silver lining in helping sellers make that decision when they need to sell. And now is that time. If job growth is good and stable and interest rates make home buying and financing affordable, the market should stay at a steady pace. Real estate is fueled by circumstance, regardless of the market. People will always need to buy and sell. If we can give leverage to the market by educating our buyers and sellers and strategically strategizing, you put them ahead of the game.

Geoff asked if Jen had been referring to those buying homes in 2006, 2007 and 2008 when she talked about recouping equity. Jen replied that basically, it would go short. Jen purchased her own home in 2007, and almost immediately she would have been unable to sell her home for what she bought it for. Where we are now is a good time to step back and walk away with equity. Whether you’ve been in  your house for 10 years or 50 years, you’re going to recoup on your investment. Geoff recalled the downturn. There was a huge loss, almost 50% of the number of transactions from 2006 to 2008 disappeared, and it was a very difficult time.  He found Jen’s point valid; that people should finally be able to move on and move into something else should they want to.

Geoff then asked for Keren’s 2-3 year view.  She hopes that we remain in a strong market. With rates coming down, she sees more people who had been renting once again looking to buy. However, the issue remains inventory. Keren sees growth in the area, with people moving to Sussex from other counties in New Jersey and some from New York, attracted to lower taxes, etc.  Buyers are more educated, but so are the sellers.  Therefore you see homes that are priced correctly. She believes the market will remain good for at least a couple of years.

Mortgage trends

Mike Giannetto of Residential Home Funding was asked if he sees the trend of lowering interest rates continuing. Mike replied he hopes so. There has been a decrease in interest rates. There is a global slow down. The economies in China and Europe are getting weaker. We’ve had a downturn in our rates because we are the safest investment at this point. This definitely had an affect on mortgage backed securities and hopefully the stronger US market will continue.

Geoff recapped. The more risky other assets are, the more money wants to seek a haven in bonds, which drives down the rate that people need to give to attract people to buy those bonds, which ultimately lowers interest rates on mortgages. Instability and uncertainty around the globe actually can be good for mortgage rates to come down.

We know a recession will be coming; just don’t know when.  Those that went through the last downturn in the housing market are waiting “for the other shoe to drop.”  As long as there is no global meltdown economically, we should be okay.  The market is pretty healthy. Geoff has heard of some subprime lending happening; he asked Mike if he’s seen it occurring at levels similar to 2005-2007.  Mike replied that there are safeguards in place, even as some new products are being introduced. Some of the products are necessary in order for some people, such as self-employed, to purchase a home. The money behind these products is portfolio money or hedge fund money, which is why the loans are scrutinized. The banks are lending their own money, so are therefore quite careful.

To reach the panelists:

Michael Giannetto, Residential Home Funding:   845-496-0836,

Jennifer DiCostanzo, Green Team New York Realty: 917-916-9995

Keren Gonen, Green Team New Jersey Realty: 551-262-4062

The next Housing Market Update will be held  on Tuesday, March 19 at 2 pm.  Stay informed and sign up for updates at

Tom Folino – This former teacher is getting straight A’s from his clients

Tom Folino – This former teacher is getting straight A’s from his clients

Tom Folino



Upon retirement, this well-respected teacher and coach decided to turn his attention to a new career – real estate.  When Tom joined the Green Team, Geoff Green said, “There might not be a better person to get into Real Estate in the Warwick market than Tom Folino. A true example of someone who has a huge network, is extremely likable and always acts with integrity. What people might not know about him is that he is extremely diligent in his follow up and a very smart guy to boot. We are extremely blessed that Tom has decided to join our company.”

Geoff’s predictions are coming true.  In his first year as a sales associate with Green Team New York Realty, Tom received an Honorable Mention Award for 2018, for achieving $1.5 to $3 Million in sales volume. And, while awards are good, the true reward for Tom is knowing that he has gone above and beyond for his clients. It’s now the former teacher who is being “graded,” and by the looks of it, he’s getting straight A’s!




A Special Transaction




A very special transaction was with Claire and Nick Previdi. Claire was a former student of Tom’s at Kings Elementary School. They purchased their first home in Chester, NY. Tom was also the listing agent for this home!  This property was listed on December 4, 2018 and closed on January 18, 2019.






Client Testimonials

Joe LaBarca –  Greenwood Lake. NY 10925 — Jan 2019

I met Tom Folino from Green Team Realtors when I decided to sell my home. Tom was very personable and upbeat about the process. Our home went up for sale in July and closed in Nov. He worked hard on selling our home and his marketing skills and negotiations were the best.We had lots of conversations on selling the house He listens to all that is said to him He is fantastic. BIG Thank You Tom. with his help we are also in our new home 2500 miles away in Nov. also and I highly recommend Tom if you are buying or selling a house






Nicholas Mazzella – Warwick, NY — Dec 2018

I am so thankful to Mr. Folino, he really helped me find and get a place that I absolutely love, answering all questions and putting in the time needed to help me. He was always in my corner from start to finish keeping me up to date and informed about any available homes and getting showings. He’s a hell of a real estate agent and will give you nothing but the best in service and work his tail off to get you what you’re looking for. Truly a pleasure to work with.




Kathleen Cisek – Warwick, NY — Dec 2018

I’ve never worked with a real estate agent as skilled and kind as Thomas Folino. He didn’t waste my time with rentals that weren’t for me, and found me the perfect house for rent based on the guidelines I gave him from price, number of rooms, to bright kitchen. He knew exactly what I needed without my embellishing. As a woman, sometimes agents take advantage & waste time, but I’m happy to say Tom is not one of them! I was very happy with my experience. Tom was very thorough and helpful with any questions I had regarding paperwork, state regulations, rental procedures, the house, landlord & neighborhood. He helped me put in a strong application and the landlord chose me. With this competitive market, when I buy a house in the future I will definitely contact him. Thank you Tom!






Joanne Haberlin and William Schwartz – West Milford, New Jersey — Dec 2018

Mr. Folino is the epitome of professionalism. He had a great knowledge of this area and several others. He also had the patience of a saint with my husband and I being so unsure of what exactly we really wanted. He stuck with us found us exactly what we needed and when this lease is up we will be using him again hopefully to purchase versus rent this time. I would highly recommend using him to anyone renting or purchasing!




Alberto Mata – Suffern, NY — Dec 2018

Mr. Folino is a great human being. Always ready to help in any way he can. I will highly recommend him as your realtor. He will always go above and beyond to satisfy your needs.









Scott and Victoria Cable – Washingtonville, NY — Nov 2018

Tom did a great job of helping us purchase our first house. He is a great negotiator and does a great job of communicating with the listing agent to expedite the whole entire process. He was very knowledgeable and informative which was fantastic since this was our first home. Tom is always there for us, responding to text or calls quickly no matter the time or day is! We went through other realtors before Tom and once we met Tom it was night and day in quality of service. I will recommend Tom a thousand times over!








Amanda Calabrese – Warwick, NY — Jul 2018

I just wanted to reach out with some positive feedback regarding one of your agents, Tom Folino. I am not sure if this is the best forum to send this to you, but wanted to start somewhere. My husband and I have been working with Tom since April and he has shown us nothing but dedication, hard-work, positivity, and communication. Tom made himself available to us even on his own personal time, and followed up with every question in a very timely manner. I have had a few experiences with other realtors and Tom, by far, has exceeded all of these other experiences. Although we haven’t bought a home yet with Tom I would not hesitate to use him in the future and would highly recommend him to everyone looking for an agent in Warwick, New York. Please let me know that you received this email and would love to put this in a more formal letter if that would be helpful. Thank you for your time, Amanda Calabrese

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