Can a Tree House Raise the Value of Your House?

Some of my fondest childhood memories took place in and around tree houses. Whether it was at the camp fire just next to it, the tire swing off of it, or crossing the babbling brook getting to it the tree house was at the center of my childhood.  Obviously I am a big fan of the old tree house and do recommend it to all parents who have kids and the ability to pull it off.  It’s an addition to the home that your children will never forget.

Two Story Tree House with Deck.

Two Story Tree House with Deck.

Do know that not all tree houses are created equally.  The one pictured here is a two story tree house with a deck!  Along with this particular tree house comes a gorgeous 5,021 square foot brick home on 38 Acres.  Lol.  Yes, this particular tree house is an awesome one on an awesome lot with an awesome house that happens to be for sale. (Click here to view the listing.)   Not quite at the level of what you might see on Animal Planet’s “Tree House Masters”, but it’s an awesome one none-the-less.

For those of you who will attempt to build the tree house yourself without a contractor –> be careful, but absolutely do go for it.  Especially if you have kids.  You will never see them more focused in their lives.  My brother and I built no less then 5 in our run of building tree houses.  That was almost more fun then when we finished it.  That process alone is worth the effort.

I will leave it on this note.  Yes tree houses add value to your house if they are in good shape. If it’s a falling down scrap heap then obviously it’s not a good idea to have it remain on the property. That said, the memories that children will have from a well built tree house are priceless.  Many buyers will consider it a differentiating factor your competition so go for it and have a blast!

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