springLet the selling season begin!

The first official day of spring was March 20th!  As you might know spring is the busiest home selling and buying time of the year.

Spring is a time of renewal.  Here in the Northeast, snow starts melting,  flowers and trees start blooming and homeowners get busy!  Cleaning and de-cluttering to get their home on the market.

Here are some major advantages to listing your home in the spring.

  1.      Warmer weather invites people to venture out. Sunday drive = seeing for sale signs.
  2.      Daylight Savings Time:  The more daylight you have the more houses that can been seen in a day.
  3.      Curb appeal is at its best. You never get a second chance to make a first impression (especially on a Sunday drive by). Houses photograph better, and therefore look better online.  If they see the home first online and it doesn’t look good they most likely will not schedule an appointment to see it in person.
  4.      Pricing:  Prices are higher in the spring when there are more houses on the market.  It seems counterintuitive but the price is driven by season and the school year.
  5.       There are better valuations.  This goes hand in hand with the price.  Appraisers are looking at what recently sold first.  Therefore the more houses that sell in the spring (for that larger price) the better the valuation is.
  6.       And if you time it right, a summer closing so you can move into your new home before the school year starts.

Ever wonder who might buy your home, who your market is?  Millennials (ages 25-35 years old) make up 68% and Generation X (ages 35-49) 29% of first time homebuyers.    These groups also make up 59% of all home buyers in general.