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Should I Move or Refinance?

The level of equity homeowners have is at an all-time high. According to the U.S. Census, over 38% of owner-occupied homes are owned free and clear, meaning they don’t have a mortgage. Those with a mortgage are seeing their equity skyrocket too. Every time real estate...

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Housing Market News

May 2021 Housing Market Update

Geoff Green, the host of the May 2021 Housing Market Update, welcomed viewers. Panelists for this month's update include Keren Gonen, Green Team New Jersey Realty; Carol Buchanan, Green Team New York Realty, and Michael Giannetto, Cross Country Mortgage. If you missed...

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Meet Ann Marie Hahr

Ann Marie Hahr brings over 18 years of real estate experience to Green Team New York Realty. Having lived in Pearl River for most of her life, Ann Marie has extensive knowledge of Rockland County.  Now a resident of Warwick, Ann Marie's knowledge of Orange County has...

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