Hiring Agent Service Manager (ASM) at Green Team New York!

Hiring Agent Service Manager (ASM) at Green Team New York!

We are hiring a new Agent Service Manager (ASM) in our New York Office!

The ASM’s role includes clerical duties to assist the Green Team Sales Associates with electronic file management, lead distribution, digital media posting, and ordering office supplies.

The right candidate will possess the talent to organize and coordinate multiple tasks in a fast pace work environment. A detailed person with ability to effectively communicate both the written and verbal word, a must.

All candidates must have excellent computer skills with proficiency in Google Workspace applications and various internet site platforms. Candidates must be able to type at least 35 words per minute. Experience with Social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are a plus. Real Estate experience is a plus.

The ASM Position starts at $17/ hour + quarterly bonuses, Paid Time Off and 401k. The work schedule is Monday – Friday, 35-40 hours per week.


The office is located at 7 Main Street, Warwick, NY 10990.



To apply for this position please visit:



Green Team Realty’s Mentor Program

When asked why they joined the Green Team, many sales associates cite the company’s exceptional training programs.  There is an ever-growing library of video training sessions, as well as tech training and practice sessions. Education is an ongoing part of the Green Team.   However, one of the most popular training programs is the Mentoring Program.

How the mentor program came into existence

Like many great ideas, this one had humble beginnings.  Geoff Green says that the match that lit the fire was when one of his more experienced agents came to him. He told Geoff, “You have got to start training all these new agents because they keep bothering me!”  Geoff replied, “You’re right!  I do.” Thus, the mentoring program was born.

It was not without growing pains.  There were lots of mistakes and missteps in the beginning, but since 2010 it has blossomed and evolved into a well-oiled machine. There are rules, responsibilities, and expectations for both mentor and mentee. It was important to make the program manageable for mentors and to make sure they were well paid for their time and effort.  Most importantly, new sales associates entering into a mentoring arrangement benefit from real-life learning, day in, and day out.

The program benefits both Mentee and Mentor

The program works so well because it does provide benefits to both parties. A mentor provides time, experience, and knowledge. Mentees compensate their mentors according to the terms outlined in the contract they enter into. The mentor’s responsibilities are designed to offer mentees the knowledge and support they need to successfully do a transaction from beginning to end. For many of those entering into a mentor/mentee agreement, the end result is lasting friendship and mutual support.

Hear from some of the Sales Associates involved in the program

Probably one of the best ways to learn about the program is from those involved in it. Some started out as mentees and are now mentors. Dean Diltz in the Warwick office is very enthusiastic about the program.  He came from a marketing background and when he started with the Green Team, Lucyann Tinnirello became his mentor. She showed him the ropes, helped him get up and running the Green Team way. They became friends and, even while her “student” now mentors sales associates himself, he still goes to her for advice.   Dean advises new agents, as well as those coming from other offices, to work with a mentor.

Vikki Garby started with another agency in 2014 and received no training.  The following year she was recruited and mentored by Green Team’s Tammy Scotto. In addition to the mentorship, Vikki found that the Green Team provided video tutorials and how-to’s on every aspect of real estate.  She was highly motivated and dove into the videos and into shadowing Tammy, learning from every transaction. According to Vikki, if you work the mentorship program, it works for you. The tools are there, and if you use them, you’ll be successful.  If you’re highly motivated, following your mentor around for a few months should give you enough confidence to go out on your own.

Mentoring at Green Team New Jersey Realty

When Green Team New Jersey Realty opened its doors in September 2016, the mentoring program began there, too. One of the first teams was Keren Gonen, mentor and Alison Miller, mentee According to Geoff, Alison began “tearing it up!” Keren says that Alison had the drive to succeed, and that made it easy to work with her. And Keren enjoyed the satisfaction that came from contributing to someone’s success.  As far as Alison goes, Geoff pushed for her to join the mentoring program as soon as she came on board with the Green Team. He said it would help her through every step of the way and so she signed up.  While she liked doing a lot of things on her own, she was not afraid to call on Keren, who was always available when she needed something, including being there for her first closing. According to Alison, anyone new to the business needs the program.  And, it’s always good to have that back-up.

Green Team Realty #1 in Warwick and Vernon for 2019!

Green Team Realty #1 in Warwick and Vernon for 2019!

Green Team Realty is #1 in Warwick and Vernon for 2019!

There is a lot to celebrate over at Green Team Realty. The numbers are in for 2019.  And Green Team New York Realty is #1 in sales volume and units sold versus all other real estate offices based in Warwick. Green Team New Jersey Realty is #1 in sales volume and units sold versus all other real estate offices based in Vernon. Further, this is the second year that GTNJR was #1 in Vernon.

The numbers are great county-wide, too

Green Team New York Realty did great versus all other real estate offices in Orange County:

  • We were #8 out of 385 in terms of sales volume
  • And we were #9 out of 385 in terms of units sold

Green Team New Jersey Realty had similar success compared to all other real estate offices in Sussex County:

  • We were #8 out of 388 in terms of sales volume
  • And we were #6 out of 388 in terms of units sold.

Geoff Green, President of Green Team Realty, says:

“It’s a team effort. Everyone from support staff to our highest ranking Sales Associates has a stake in this success.  No matter where you are on planet Earth you will not find a better team than the women and men who make up the Green Team. I am humbled to play my part, but the success definitely lies in the team. God willing, our climb to the top will not only sustain, but will continue to further advance.”




Green Team Realty Receives NAMI Orange Appreciation Award

Green Team Realty Receives NAMI Orange Appreciation Award

Green Team Realty receives NAMI Orange Appreciation Award

Geoff Green proudly accepted NAMI Orange‘s Appreciation Award on behalf of Green Team Realty at their 15th Annual Meeting. The meeting was held on November 25 at the Orange County Department of Mental Health in Goshen, NY.. Dhanu Sannesy, President of NAMI Orange is pictured here with Geoff Green and Susan Wynn. She spoke passionately about the work being done. And inspired us all with the work yet to do.

Presenting the Award

Green Team raised both awareness and funds for NAMI Orange through its Team Up for Hope initiative. I am a member of NAMI Orange. But I am also the Green Team’s Content Marketing Manager and part of Team Up for Hope. Therefore, I was asked to present the Appreciation Award to Geoff Green. And it was an honor to read the following inscription to him and all those attending.

Reading text of award to Geoff Green

NAMI Orange Appreciation Award presented to Green Team Realty – a real estate company that cares what happens in its community, represented by Geoff Green.

Besides their Team Up for Hope’s very successful fundraiser which benefited NAMI Orange, Green Team Realty also organized a webinar to increase public awareness featuring two NAMI Orange members who discussed how mental health issues impact the family as well as the individual – and who educated people as to how they could get the support and the services that they might need. An excellent public service! We are honored to have had Team Up for Hope select NAMI Orange as a recipient of their charitable good works.

What is NAMI?

The National Alliance on Mental Illness, “NAMI,” began at a kitchen table in 1979. A small group of families whose lives had been impacted by mental illness got together. And they decided to take some action. Now, 40 years later, it is the largest grassroots mental health organization in the United States. There are 48 NAMI State Organizations and more than 600 local affiliates.

According to NAMI’s website, the organization “envisions a world where all people affected by mental illness live healthy, fulfilling lives supported by a community that cares.” Their mission is to provide “advocacy, education, support and public awareness so that all individuals and families affected by mental illness can build better lives.”

Mental illness. Let’s talk statistics

These statistics are posted on the NAMI website  And they’re frightening.

1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year
1 in 25 U.S. adults experience serious mental illness each year
1 in 6 U.S. youth aged 6-17 experience a mental health disorder each year
50% of all lifetime mental illness begins by age 14, and 75% by age 24
Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among people aged 10-34

Mental illness. Let’s talk reality

Imagine someone you know and care about becomes one of these statistics. Family members and friends suddenly find themselves in a world turned upside down. They don’t understand what has happened to their loved one. Furthermore, they don’t what to do or say to help that person. And the stigma surrounding mental illness can make it difficult to discuss the challenges with friends and family. As a result this further isolates both patient and family.

My family has lived this reality. My youngest daughter, Andrea, was diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety disorders at the age of 14. There was nothing that prepared us for the journey we suddenly found ourselves on. No guidebook to explain the mania, then the plunges into deep despair. There were prescriptions for lots of medications in lots of combinations. In addition there was therapy. However, there was nothing that helped us all to understand what was happening within her brain. No advice on how to communicate or set limits. No one telling me it wasn’t my fault. Chaos ruled our lives, exacerbated by loneliness.

NAMI Orange. Making a difference

I was introduced to NAMI Orange by a friend whose child was also struggling with a mental health diagnosis. We both signed up to take NAMI’s Family-to-Family class. This is apeer education program for family members of adults living with mental illness.”  Andrea was in the recovery stage of her illness at that time.  I didn’t really need the course, I thought. But maybe I could pick up a few helpful tips. Instead, what I experienced was life changing.

People with a common goal made up our class. We wanted to learn how to better understand and help our loved ones. NAMI gave us the tools to better understand the science behind mental illness. Further, we learned about symptoms and changes to behavior and personality. In addition, we were taught communication skills, crisis preparation plans and so much more. Finally, we became our own support group. We shared our stories and the challenges we were facing. Most importantly we understood what everyone was going through.

NAMI Orange is an all-volunteer organization. Family-to-Family teachers are peers who also have an adult family member living with a mental illness. Furthermore, they go through specialized training. So do facilitators of support groups and presenters of in-school programs. The dedication of these volunteers cannot be overstated.

Team Up For Hope – Teaming up with NAMI Orange

The Green Team believes in giving back to the community. Money was raised through Light up the Holidays for the Warwick Valley Humane Society and Warwick Playground Dreams. After a few years of doing holiday lights contests, it was decided to change to a basic fund-raising effort. The name suggested was Team Up for Hope. And we decided we would team up with NAMI Orange and NAMI Sussex.

As a result, we arranged a meeting with representatives of these organizations. The information they shared with us and their passion for NAMI made a lasting impression on us. Together we were determined to raise not only funds, but awareness. That included the webinar mentioned in the award, which you can view here.

In addition, Andrea told her story of living with mental illness and her journey to recovery in a second webinar.  Andrea concluded her story by performing an original song she had written about living with Bi-Polar Disorder. Sheila Sutton represented NAMI Orange again. She spoke to Andrea’s story. And Sheila also relayed the help that NAMI offers. Moreover,  Geoff  announced that Team Up for Hope had raised over $3,100 for NAMI Orange and over $1,500 for NAMI Sussex.  To view that webinar, click here.

Andrea is a believer in sharing her journey with others in hopes of helping end the stigma surrounding mental illness. And I share her story with her permission. Further, we both share our thanks to Geoff Green. He first met Andrea during the webinar. However, knowing her diagnosis, he never hesitated to interview her for a position at the Green Team. She is now Agent Service Manager at the Warwick Office. Above all, Green Team shows that we are always Teaming Up for Hope!









Green Team Client Appreciation Day

Green Team Client Appreciation Day

Green Team Client Appreciation Day – Saying Thank You with Pie

It is no coincidence that our Client Appreciation Day takes place just before Thanksgiving.This is the time of year we reflect on who and what we are grateful for. We express our thanks to family and friends. But it is also the time of year we want our clients to know how much we appreciate them. The Client Appreciation Program is the cornerstone of Green Team Realty’s foundation. While our sales associates express their appreciation throughout the year, the Thanksgiving Pie tradition has become the highlight of the CAP program.


A Noble Tradition

Warwick Sales Associates display thanksgiving pies

Clients are invited to come to our offices to pick up their Thanksgiving pie. This gift is their sales associate’s way of saying, “Thank you for your business, your referrals, and your friendship.”  Whether it’s the Warwick or Vernon office, the atmosphere is the same. There is warmth, happiness, and lots of laughter. And lots and lots of pies! Since Green Team Realty supports local businesses, these gorgeous pies are provided by Noble Pies each year.

Thanksgiving Pies – A Family Event

Thanksgiving Pie event  Thanksgiving Pie Event


Thanksgiving Pie Event


There is a bond that exists between Green Team’s sales associates, and a bond between sales associates and clients. And these bonds are only strengthened by events such as this. It’s almost like a family reunion. Catching up on how things are going, sharing stories and food. And for Green Teamers there is joy in knowing that in two days a pie given in appreciation will be gracing the Thanksgiving table of a valued client and friend.