Who Needs a Buyer's Agent? | Homes for Sale, Real Estate

Who Needs a Buyer's Agent?Who Needs a Buyer’s Agent? You drive by an adorable house in a great neighborhood and you see a For Sale sign.  This might just be the one for your family!  You want information immediately about this house, so the fastest way to get it is by calling the number of the agent on the sign.  Whether you’re driving around on a sunny Sunday afternoon or checking Zillow at midnight in the comfort of your own home, contacting individual listing agents every time your interest is peaked could be an exhausting process.  Get yourself a Buyer’s Agent to do the work for you!

What is a Buyer’s Agent?  A buyer’s agent is a licensed real estate sales person who works for you  (the Buyer) to help you find the perfect house for your needs.  Best of all – you don’t pay them – the seller does!

Benefits of using a Buyer’s Agent:

Relationship:  Choose someone you trust and who you wouldn’t mind spending your evenings or weekends with!  You may be one of the fortunate few who finds a home after one or two days of searching.  But whether your search takes a day or several months, your agent will be by your side during the search and through the entire transaction which often takes a few months to close even when things run smoothly.  Additionally, working with one agent allows him or her to get a feel for your taste, style and needs so they can better suggest homes for your consideration.

Negotiation: There are several steps in the life of a real estate transaction and each may require negotiation and coordination.  A Buyer’s Agent is someone in your corner who will help you navigate the transaction and can advise you along the way.   Few real estate transactions happen without a single hitch.  Try not to let this frustrate you, your agent is there to help you through it.  And in the end, you’ll have the home of your dreams!

Time/Convenience:  Calling one agent for information about 5 houses is much easier than calling 5 different agents.  Good luck trying to schedule showings with multiple agents in one day.  Call or email your buyer’s agent, give them a list of what you’re looking for and let them go to work for you.  They will  send you suggestions as new listings hit the market.  Even if you’re  a buyer who knows exactly what you’d like to see, send a list of homes to your agent so they can schedule a day of showings for you.  Any agent can show you any home on the market (in the state that they are licensed in).  Interested in a For Sale By Owner ? – your agent can most likely get you into that house too.  You just have to show up!

No charge to you:  Yes, Buyer’s Agents do need to make a living, but you don’t pay them.  Each seller pays a commission to list/sell their home.  That commission gets split between the Listing Agent and the Selling/Buyer’s Agent.   No need to hesitate – using a Buyer’s Agent is a win/win for you!

So who needs a Buyer’s Agent?  Maybe you!  Happy House Hunting!