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Melissa Annucci

Real Estate Salesperson

Melissa Annucci’s introduction to real estate began in high school and college while working part time in her father’s real estate office on Long Island.This was at a time before people searched the internet for that perfect house. Instead, people would come into the office and realtors had to find that best fit. It was also at a time when she had to schedule showings with clients and agents and take care of all those details that are now computerized. She learned the importance of listening to clients and providing the best possible service.

After receiving her MA in English as a Second Language, Melissa taught Kindergarten and First Grade for ten years in New York and Puerto Rico. Throughout this time Melissa never lost interest in Real Estate, as she invested in rental properties and enjoyed the process of finding the perfect property for her own family. While she loved working with children, after a decade of teaching she decided to change course.

Melissa brings her own unique skill set to the real estate profession. Her training and work as a teacher ingrained in her patience, the art of listening, and the ability to problem solve. Melissa also brings with her lessons learned from her father, such as understanding that real estate is a people business. She recognizes the importance of networking, always talking to people, and discovering qualified service providers who can assist her clients.

Melissa and her husband have lived in the area for over 13 years. Their family has grown to include three sons, ages 7 to 13, and one dog. They love their close proximity to the crafts village of Sugar Loaf, and the beauty of their surroundings.

Now that her father is retired, Melissa feels she has come full circle. She now gets to apply her experiences and knowledge as she gives her clients the personalized attention and dedication that her father always did.

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