Simple Selling Process, Make Your Home Anonymous.
The Simple Selling Process

The Simple Selling Process

As a realtor, I like to keep things simple for my clients in an often “un-simple” business.
The local market has seen volume up more than double this year over 2015, and this bodes for sellers, as buyers will still be very active for another couple of months before things start slowing down for the year.
But with this, there are a couple simple (there’s that word again) things you must do if you want to sell your home:
THE SIMPLE SELLING PROCESS, first, have the home ready to show — both inside and out!  About half of all potential buyers make up their mind if they’re interested in a home from the moment they pull into the driveway, to those first few seconds in the front door.  Good landscaping, nice curb appeal, no clutter, proper staging — those all make for a good start, not to mention excellent photos, which are also key to attracting initial interest.
Second, price it right.  While a good realtor will be aggressive in marketing your home, following up on leads and more, he or she can’t move mountains if it’s not priced right.  This is common business sense.  Keep an eye on what similar homes are selling for in your area — again, your realtor can track this for you.
And don’t be afraid to drop the price at regular intervals, if necessary.  This will show potential buyers you’re motivated to sell, which may prompt them to bring an offer to the table.
So you want to sell your home?  Now is a good time if you follow these recommendations, for starters.
It’s pretty simple!