Heidi Hyland has always gone above and beyond. - GreenTeamRealty.com
Geoffrey Green, President of Green Team Realty received this letter from Naveen Sharma, a client of Heidi Hyland, Broker/Sales Associate of Green Team New Jersey Realty.
“Throughout my years of owning a condo in the Vernon area, Heidi Hyland has always gone above and beyond. She has made certain that my interests were being met and at many times exceeding them.  Heidi is not just your normal real estate agent. She has become a trusted advisor and friend.  Heidi’s knowledge of the real estate market, the local community and her list of contacts has been a comfort to me when making decisions from afar.  I relied on her consistently. And, without fail, she always delivers.  This isn’t just a one time thing or a small sample of services Heidi provided.  Rather, it’s over a 10 year period which is what makes this impressive.
For those fortunate enough to work with Heidi Hyland, you know this is her norm. Thank you Heidi!!!”
It’s always great to hear from clients about their experience working with a Sales Agent. Great job, Heidi!