Edward Sattler receives CIREC designation - GreenTeamRealty.com
Green Team New York Realty is pleased to announce that Edward Sattler has received his Commercial and Investment Real Estate Certification (CIREC).

According to Ed,

“I’ve been interested in commercial real estate for years. I enjoy working with clients and understanding their needs. Most importantly, I want to help them achieve their real estate goals, whether as buyer, seller, landlord or tenant.”

Ed’s start in real estate

When Ed says he has been interested in commercial real estate for years, you can believe it. His passion for real estate was first recognized by his parents when he was in fourth grade. By age 12, junior working papers in hand, he was saving for a down payment. Ten years later, Ed and his wife had purchased land and completed construction on their first home in Warwick. Furthermore, ten years after that, they had completed a minor subdivision and built 2 more houses.

What the CIREC designation means

According to the NAR Code of Ethics, agents must have the proper training for specialized services. Agents undertaking the extensive CIREC course obtain the needed foundation to provide commercial and investment real estate services.  A wide range of topics are covered. Included are tax implications, 1031 Exchanges, valuing property, and more.  Also covered, preparation of financial analyses, and comparing financial impacts of leasing vs. buying. Furthermore, negotiating concepts and tactics are important parts of the course.