Congrats to Jen DiCostanzo and Vikki Garby for reaching the cap! -

Green Team New York Realty is proud to announce that Jennifer DiCostanzo and Vikki Garby have reached the 2019 cap for Company Dollar Contribution. We want to congratulate them on the hard work and dedication to excellent client service that helped them achieve this goal. 

Reaching CAP means that Jennifer & Vikki will now receive a 100% commission split on any deal they close during 2019. Yes, it’s true – a 100% commission split. At Green Team New York Realty, there are no mandatory fees! No franchise fees, no technology fees, no desk fees, & no e&o fees!!  

 Green Team Realty’s commission structure is, no doubt, one of the finest in the industry, but it doesn’t end there. Our cutting edge lead generation platform, certified sales assistant program, and dynamic training systems are just a few other things worth mentioning.  

 If you have never heard of us before, or perhaps you simply haven’t taken the opportunity to check us out, why not take a little time to do so now? Click here to learn more about Green Team New York Realty.