Congratulations From Geoffrey Green, President Of Green Team Realty, To Tiffany Megna for reaching the commission cap for Company Dollar Contribution in 2020!

Geoff’s thoughts on Tiffany Hitting CAP:

Geoff Green President of Green Team Realty“If you have ever met Tiffany Megna you would probably agree with me that she is a force of nature.  I don’t know of anyone who puts more effort, & energy into fulfilling the needs of their clients than Tiffany.  This is Tiffany’s first time reaching the cap, but she did it very quickly and I am sure it won’t be the last time she reaches the cap.  I fully expect Tiffany to be a top producing Realtor in the Orange County, NY marketplace for many, many years to come.  Awesome job Tiffany!  I knew you could do it.”



Tiffany’s dedication to her clients and hard work has allowed her to reach the cap on her commission with Green Team Realty. This is an outstanding accomplishment and means Tiffany Megna will now receive a 100% commission split on any deal she closes during 2020.

Tiffany’s thoughts on hitting the cap:

Tiffany Megna, Green Team New York Realty“I am thrilled to have reached the personal goal of capping this year. No one knew how the pandemic would affect us or how long it would last. For me this means that I have done the “extra” and taken full advantage of this unique market!

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

Thank you to my clients for trusting me and allowing me to take the journey with you, and thank you to Green Team for providing me with all of the tools to get the job done!”


Green Team Realty’s commission structure is, no doubt, one of the finest in the industry, but it doesn’t end there.  Our lead generation platform, certified sales assistant program, and dynamic training systems are just a few other things worth mentioning. 


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Congratulations, Tiffany Megna!