Alejandro was born and raised in Columbia. He has always been fascinated and inspired by understanding the way things work. He attended college and received his degree in Industrial Engineering. After that, he started working in finance and sales for well-known companies in Columbia. In 2016, Alejandro decided to leave his comfort zone and look for new challenges. Therefore, he moved to New York and started a new career in the hospitality business.

A unique resume leads to essential skills

After years of experience, Alejandro has learned essential skills to help him have a successful career in real estate. He developed his expertise in sales and negotiations. Also, there is his attention to detail, creative problem-solving capacity, and the ability to work under pressure. Alejandro has earned solid customer service and communication skills, empathy, persistence, and a positive attitude. On top of that, he speaks English and Spanish.

Why real estate?

Alejandro admits that Real Estate provides a path to financial freedom, a balanced life, and the personal fulfillment of helping others. He likes being independent, setting his hours, and managing his time and priorities. Alexandro also enjoys interacting and meeting new people, as well as working from different places.

Why Green Team?

Alejandro could feel the positive energy and the sense of teamwork right on his first visit to the Green Team office. The agents that he met made him feel like he had found the right fit. He is confident that the Green Team’s training and mentoring program will help him meet his goals.

Let’s get personal

Alejandro has many interests in business, investing, and finance. He also enjoys learning new things, traveling, outdoor activities, fitness, and reading.