The Castle

Nestled on 13 beautiful acres, in Pine Bush, NY, near the Minnewaska State Parkland is a gorgeous castle built in the 1940’s. This one-of-a-kind 5 bedroom, 3 bedroom home was built for those looking to be treated like royalty. Overlooking a private, mountain-stream fed pond surrounded by beautiful gardens, sunrise views and a barn this home was recently renovated with updates that allow it to keep all of its character and charm. The stone exterior projects an 11th century vibe complete with a tower built for fairytales.  Yet,  Rapunzel  will no longer be letting down her golden hair, instead you’ll find your zen in this  yoga/meditation space.

The King

Who better to purchase a home fit for a king? Carlos Franqui, owner of Floratorium; bringing floral and art together to free flowers from the confines of their vase. Quoting the About section on his website: Carlos Franqui is an advertising creative turned fashion stylist and floral designer based in NYC. He combines his knowledge of media and brand strategy with his innate passion for art and design to innovate unique installation concepts for each of his clients. His work has been featured throughout the world but most recently at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. He has also worked with popular brands like Versace, Soul Cycle, The Beekman, Lively and more.

The Sale

Real Estate Professional Karen Gauvin and Carlos began working together in the Winter of 2021. Carlos was originally in search of a rustic farmhouse that he could utilize as an opportunity to expand his business with a venue enabling him to host private, invitation-only events. Home after home  was viewed but zoning regulations or unfit land prevented a purchase. Karen began to explore alternate options and came across the castle. With inches of snow on the ground, they strapped on their snows boots exploring the glorious frozen tundra. As they toured the grounds and climbed the castle stairs, Carlos’s mind began to fill with creative opportunities this new search has delivered. His original thoughts on a rustic farmhouse getaway became entrenched with the creative endeavors of an exclusive castle retreat. Spring in the Hudson Valley showered green on the castle lands and with the blossoms emerging the sights of a secret garden. A perfect destination for a floral artist, this castle could be no better suited for this king.

Karen’s expertise and understanding of her clients allowed this entrepreneur to fulfill her client’s wishlist with a home that exceeded his expectations.

If you’re in search of your very own castle, contact Green Team Realty.